• Sick, sick, sick needs to be replaced.

  • Speech impediments and senility seem to be a common curse among the Democrat Party... Nancy needs to take her meds and watch her imbibing...  Has it become a mandatory qualification to be a drunk, senile, or hard-left radical to be a democrat?  Character does matter... but like everything else BACKWARD in the Democrat Party they have adopted BAD CHARACTER over good character as a requirement.  It's easier to control, coerce or blackmail bad character, rather than good character/.

  • Wishful thinking you old drunk bitch

  • There is a spirit of oppression loose in the world today... it is eating away at the very foundations of mankind's kingdom.  It is destroying man's ability to live independently and freely. The spirit behind this 'New World Order' is serious about establishing a one-world government and is working feverishly to impose it upon all nations. Liberty is being shuttered and the door to mankind's independence slammed shut.  Darkness is descending upon the Earth and soon the light of the world will exit... Great Tribulation will follow.

    Be still and hear what the Lord would say... Be at peace, for great tribulation must come before the end. God will make an open show of man's sin.  He will reveal, before all creation, that rebellion and enmity toward Him brings only death and destruction. God shall make it clear that the wage of sin is death and the gift of God eternal life.  Know this, God is not mocked, He is long-suffering, and patient... waiting on the fruit of Christ to mature. God would that none should perish, but that all should come to the knowledge of the Truth in Christ Jesus and be saved. 

    Those who are in Christ Jesus are not the servants of sin... they shall not suffer damnation, nor Great Tribulation.  The righteous are not laid up for the wrath of God. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation in Christ Jesus. We are those whose faith in God overcomes the world and its tribulation.   We are heirs and joint-heirs with Christ, the righteousness of GOD IN CHRIST.  So it is, in this world, that the righteous suffer for their godliness, the world being at enmity with God is also at enmity with us.  And, so it shall be, that the old man shall perish with the Earth, and all therein shall be dissolved with fervent heat, in a lake of fire. But, the flames of retribution shall not kindle upon the righteous, nor the waters of affliction overflow the children of God. For, if God be for us, there can be nothing to stand against us.

    Be of good cheer, fear not... For, in a little while, the Lord of Heaven shall bring order to the earth... The whole of creation shall shake at His coming, and the Lions of the Earth shall lay down with the Lamb. Peace shall be restored, and the Kingdom of David shall be established for a time, before the 'End' shall come.,

    Be patient, wait upon the Lord, and know that all things work for the good of those who love God.  Our victory is not in the world... it is in Christ.  A crown of life awaits us and perdition shall swallow the wicked.  The righteous shall judge the wicked and there shall be much wailing and gnashing of teeth on that Great Day.

    It is the vanity of man to mock God and His People... but God shall hold the unrighteous accountable for their deeds, not one shall escape the coming wrath.  Pray that they may yet repent and be saved.  That none should perish but that all men may come to the knowledge of Christ, repent, and be saved.

    Let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.  AMEN

  • Why do you think she started those impeachment’s? She was 3rd in line then. I have always thought that this was her plan since she wields more power than a president . And it took scheming, but she could take it through the back door. Her back door plans have to change a little bit. Kameltoe had better watch her step.

  • Never thought I would see the day Our Country, the USof A could be so screwed up.


    This CREATURE is 3rd in line to the presidency of the United States of America. It has become apparent that Joe has served his usefulness and is on his way out, and it’s doubtful that the democrats will let the San Francisco whore take up residence in The Whitehouse.

    That scenario would lead us to the “Creature Feature” that America could not possibly survive.

    It is up to all Americans to: -- PREVENT THAT NIGHTMARE FROM HAPPENING --


  • old and vile beeyatch

  • A legend in only her mind.

  • Do not just 'laugh' at this post.  Do not forget that the 2020 election was STOLEN.

    Who would have thought BiteMeJoe would be POTUS in the first place with his 'socially distanced crowd' of 'six'if he was lucky? Who would have

    thought that Kamala Cameltoe would be a heart beat away from the Presidency?

    Fact is, Pelosi is only 'two' heartbeats away from the Presidency  now.  Anyone doubt that she has plans to get rid of Biden & harris and take the Presidency for  herself?

    Yes, she is 'that' ambitious.

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