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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing dissent in her caucus ahead of Tuesday’s vote to confirm the passage of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill.

With the Democrats’ slim 221-211 House advantage, Pelosi can afford no more than four defections in the vote scheduled for Tuesday.

But two members of her caucus, Reps. Marcia Fudge of Ohio and Deb Haaland of New Mexico, could be confirmed to Biden administration posts as soon as Wednesday.

That could further amplify gripes coming from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other left-leaning House comrades after some of their major initiatives were stripped out of the American Rescue Plan Act - and test Pelosi’s ability to keep her troops in line.

AOC retweeted a message from her fellow Democrat, New Jersey Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, Friday night.

“What are we doing here?” Watson Coleman complained in a tweet that bemoaned the elimination of a federal minimum-wage increase and a cut to unemployment benefits. “I’m frankly disgusted with some of my colleagues and question whether I can support this bill,” she added.

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  • Nice freaking BAIL OUT BILL for CA and NY, it had very little to do with Covid.  You can thank the damn liberal socialists Pelosi and crew!!!!!!!!!!

  • We have a growing thousands and soon millions of people now active in all 50 states to invoke Article 5 for the Convention of States. I'm meeting with my district Capt tomorrow, getting hard copy pamphlets and sharing the with everyone I know. We need to flood the states with active COS & Tea Party volunteers., overwhelm our state legislators to make sure that understand what we the people want them to do. If they don't, we will recall them or vote them out with true patriots. The time for action is NOW. Spread the word. Get everyone you know involved and let's take back our country from the socialist & Communists. We are the many, they are the few. The want democracy. We will show them what democracy is by taking their power away and giving it back to all the patriots in our country. Trump iginited us, let's keep it going.


  • Be very thorough before giving money to any political party ad as many are phony and have little to do with Make America Great Again or Pres. Donald Trump... Don't give to the RNC as they will finance the campaigns of some of the worst candidates RINO.

    • Agreed. I made that mistake. There is a fake site that is called Save for America that is liberal. Don't be fooled by fake sites.

  • Well don't give money to the RNC Rhinos that keep using Trumps name and promoting Liz Chaney and Lisa Butkalski (Alaska liberal in a Republican seat. If any money paid, pay to Save America PAC & help trump get rid of all the evil Rhinos and support honest candidates, but Federal and States.

  • Would love to pelosi ousted, but not from these radical squad people

  • Gee, I can fix the unemployment compensation problem, get a JOB and quit sucking the tit of the Federal Gov and the taxpayers.  

    • But the cry babies don't want to work, they think we owe them something and the want their Obama phone, Free College, Free Healthcare. All the liberal policies work so well in Chicago and San Fran. They need money for their drugs and tents on the street. Wait, they have it all - everything free in Venezuela. How about we pack up all the whiners and sent them there to that liberal utopia. 

    • Excellent said Tim.

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