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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that climate change has contributed to the surge of migrant children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Pelosi said, “There are more children, about 600, 700 more children, unaccompanied children coming over the border. This is a humanitarian challenge to all of us. What the administration has inherited is a broken system at the border, and they are working to correct that in the children’s interest. I’m so pleased that the president, as a temporary measure, has sent FEMA to the border to help facilitate the children going from one 72-hour issue where they are cared for as they are transferred into family homes or homes that are safe for them to be. So this, again, is a transition for what was wrong before to what is right. Of course, we have to also look to Central America, Mexico, and the rest. The corruption, the violence, all of that.”

She added, “My most recent trip to the northern triangle, that would be Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador. You saw the impact of climate change. These people were leaving because of the drought. They couldn’t farm, and they were seeking other ways to survive...”

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    • Pretty stupid... you keep electing me.

    • But is she a Dominion party machine candidate?

      Still, it is a Frisco district, isn't it?

      Who can say?

  • Climate Change= WEATHER and has CHANGED Every Day from the Beginning of Earth-!!! and it will keep changing, just try and see if Man can Change It-!!!

    • Look... the Democrats are the subjects of the demonic nature of a fallen world... They are working to warm up the earth to its melting point.  It is their nature to talk about global warming.

  • Climate change is a made up hoax, just like the cov-id. Don't you think it's funny that nobody has ANY seasonal flu this year? 

  • This has NOTHING to do with so-called Human Caused "Global Warming/Climate Change" which is a LIE!! The oceans havent risen even a inch in the last 100 years which is why all the rich are buying up Beach Front Property Everywhere. The weather has been used as a Weapon by not only the U.S. Military but by Russia and China as well and anyone who thinks this is just a "Theory" and Not an outright Criminal Conspiracy should look up "Operation Popeye" that was used by the U.S. Military from about 1967 - 1975 to prolong and increase the Monsoon Rain Season over North Vietnam Successfully to disrupt the flow of Arms, food and soldiers going into South Vietnam. That was 40 - 50 years ago and We know how much technology has increased since then.

     The Republican's are trying to have Nasty Pelosi Removed from the Speakers podium right now and I hope they get it done but the reality for America is that the Entire Communist Party U.S.A. that has been masqurading as a Legitimate American Political Institution that WAS the "Democrat Party" 40 - 50 years ago IS a FACT and they ALL should be in Prison for LIFE with Half of them HANGED for Treason.

     This Entire Administration is being controlled by a Foeign Enemy Power that is just South of the Lebanese Border and is joined at the hip with the Chinese Communist Party and if We American's DON'T get this Anti-American- Anti-Constitution- Anti-Law & Order Criminal Administration Out of Washington, D.C. ASAP, it will be No Surprise if We Don't see a Chinese Military Invasion of America by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. Don't think this is beyond the scope of Reality either, American's are No Longer in control of this Country.

    • Man haven't you read... Pelosi's astrologers have found that Pisces is ascendant and Puto is rising in the East... So, drink Coca-Cola products and wear shorts .. enjoy the hot weather and ignore the ice, it's all a matter of perspective.

  • Why doesn't this witch just fly of on her broom, NEVER to be heard from again?

  • Comparing apples to oranges ? More like comparing lies to deceptions

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