• The onlytwo ways to stop this is for Trump to take charge and call in the military or to issue a call to arms for Americans and the NRA. These riots and personal attacks can only be met with force.  God help this country!

  • Police need our help.  Quit protecting the protestors.  Deputize us on the street and we will have your backs.  Most Americans are getting ready to fight anyways.  Enough is enough!  A civil war is brewing in America.  There are solutions to halt protestors willing to destroy other people's property.  We are looking for a leader to head up this fight.from Washington.   

  • I would have arrested her abd she can spend time in jail for making threats like that 

  • When is all this sqeeling and yelling going to disintegrate into the thing I worry most about; gun violence on the streets? The next sounds you hear will be an AR-15 chattering into a crowd threatening a non-blm supporter. God help us then.

    • Bet these anti gun States have not checked to see if these antifa thugs have valid gun licenses. Notice how silent these so called corrupt politicians are on GUNS

  • remember a blm supporter shot an 8 year old black girl in atlanta recently and he hasn't turned himself in plus none of the other peaceful protesters have spoken to law enforcement about this crime

  • I hope someone kills all BLM communist protesters!!

  • All you have to do is look at the low brow level of intelligence, another pile of meat with eyes that got her degree in cucumber ballooning and 11th century hut building.

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