• Republicans Keep Hanging On To Political Correctness and Trying To Put Their Hand Forward To The Left In Spite Of Getting It Cut Off..! Fuck Political Correct Bullshit- That Is What They Have Done To Trump, Is Codemn His Mouth and Attitude and For Having Balls Enough To Step Up and Take What Was Rightfully His and Ours..! Cuss The Bastards, That What They Do To Us..! Step On Their Damned Feet and When You Do Make Sure You Break Them..! Time To Throw One Hell Of A Fit Whether It Is Politically Correct Or Not..! Time To Let Your Damned Tempers Loose..! I sick and Tired of POLITE Talking BACKWARD Walking BULLSHIT..!  No More Mitch McConnells..!!! Or The 7 to 11 of the Bastards That are Sitting In The Houses Right Now..! Time To Put A Loud Mouthed Raging Bull In For A Change..! The LEFT Does What Ever They Damned Well Please and Take NO BACKLASH For It..!!!

    • I agree and I am with you Loren!!!

    • We Could Be Doing MUCH Better Than We Are With What We Have In Both Chambers..! You CANNOT Play Pitty Patter With The Leftist SOB's..! This IS NO TIME To Have Chums On The Opposit Side Of The Isle- THEY ARE FUCKING MARXIST Bastards and We ARE NOT..! Piss On Their Friendships back and forth across the isle..!!! Drop Them and Get Shit Done..!!!

  • He did what was he thought was right, a choice he had to live with.  I don't care if he didn't support Donald Trump.  He had the freedom and the right to choose, and Isn't that what we want to maintain in our country?  And not be canceled or censored for it?  

    • That sounds good, Christina, BUT, when you are in combat , your weapons must be at least as lethal as your opponents.  You can't bring a water pistol to a gun fight.  The dems are too must the Republicans be...or we will always be on the short end. The dems STICK TOGETHER and are determined to take this country apart. Do you remember?("fundamentally transforming" America?).  As the  Alinsky method dictates...the end justifies the means...We must rescue our country by any means possible.   The Republican Party must be purged of all traitors, incxluding Ryan, McConnel, Romney,Cheney, Saase, Murkowski,Collins, Kinzinger ...and others.  We must be one unified team.  We are talking about AMERICA'S SALVATION for God's sake.

    • I agree Sheepdog...this IS the fight of our lives and our children's and grandkids...

    • Amen!



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