• the truth will come out one way or the other.

  • snake slither and slime

  • What a JERK

  • Many don't know that Ryan is now part of the chairman of the board for Fox News since he left congress. This explains one of the reasons Fox has turned to the dark side.

    • Yep...he was a traitor as speaker and still is....

  • Conspired with Pence to ?.

  • They are all crooked

  • Paul Ryan has always been a 2 faced peice of shit RINO introduced by Even a Bigger peice of Shit , John Boehner..! I Only Wish Pelosi Was As Easy To Get Rid Of As Those 2 Asses Were..! I think John Boehner was Boning Pelosi at the time..!? They were as thick as theives..! I Absolutely Despise A Damned RINO or A Half Assed Republican With No Mind Or Backbone Of His Own..!

  • Time to clean house and get all rinos out and all those who don't help We the People 

  • This does us no good to look backwad. We need to look forward and learn from our experiences. We need to know who the Rhino's are and defeat them. We can see who they are by

    the fruits of their voting and labor. We also can know who they are by their words and who they follow. Most Rhino's are weak and feckless. They are not willing to take a stand for making America first

    because they own their donors. This make it impossible for them to fight for us. The working class of America. We are the backbone of this county, not Hollywood, or the Washington elite...

    So lets keep our eyes open and ears to the ground. Listen closely and watch what your representatives do. How they vote and if they vote for things that you know will not make America great or make America first you need to primary them out of office. It is extremely important that we get young and fresh minded constitutional conservatives elected into office.

    They need to on day one fight for constitution as written, and stand firm. We are not a racist country and we need to stand up and claim that all people have been created equal, and they are and will be judged by the content of the character, not by their race, creed, or color. If they do not believe in America first or making America great, well then we know where they stand and they are not apart of what we stand for.

    So we most likely will oppose what they want to take America. That means that we need to make sure that we have a stronger and larger outcome in elections then they do. That does not mean we hate them. What it means is we want to defeat their ideas, and make sure they are not put into practice in America. That is what the republic is about and how we us the democrat process to govern America.

    Strong debate of concepts and ideas are required, not to be silenced or cancelled. Stand up for America and we need to weed out the Paul Ryan's in the republican party and make our party constitutionally stong once again...

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