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  • Performance, Acts and Deeds are the Best Judges of Character, Not Titles!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Ryan, Romney,Murkowsky,Collins, Specter,Pataki....that long, long list of compromised FAKE conservatives. Yes, the leftist Dems are despicable but at least they don't hide their evil intentions. Rinos are wolves in sheeps clothing!

  • wow, wow I never thought that about Paul Ryan.

  • A Political Party is but a Weight a Volunteer Citizen must drag with them if they wish to Serve their Fellow Peoples, as "Parties" are presently the only means of significant funding for astonishing expensive Campaign Funding!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I quit watching Fox News except for Carlson and Hannity. Now I only watch Newsmax. Whether or not Fox News gets rid of Paul Ryan, I am done with Fox News!

  • From the time ryan joined FOX, fox has been going down hill!

  • Paul Ryan was and always be a Rino piece of Shit and should be gone from the Republican Party.

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