• Time for every swingin' dick (and dickette) to get out and vote! Trump 2020. Thanks to all the heros on this website and in this great country. 

  • Good man

  • I'm a Vietnam combat Veteran as well, And if all this BS continues, I pity the fools who stand with BLM and Antifa...Great post by a good Marine!  

  • THANK YOU and GOD for touching you.

  • THANK YOU!!!

  • I'm also a Vietnam veteran who put his life on the battlefield so this idiots can protest, burn and destroy private property and it is there rights given to them by men and women who had put their life on so many battles defending our Constitution. Remember every time you burn the flag the flag stand for We the People and no government or Socialist Party will ever over take our country. Time to stand and fight for our freedom, time to said how you feel and not apologizie, time to say I kneel only to my God. To BLM and their idiots followers I said President L.B. Johnson use the word Negros on  some of his speeches was he racist?, once their was a Negros League were they racist. Study history read our history search how it all began. This I know no one is perfect so there is no perfect country. Only one man was perfect and he died for our sins.

    • Also a Vietnam Vet.  Didn't make it to Nam, but as a Navy HM2, took care of alot of Marines that had been Air Evac'ed due to loss of limbs or worse.  I agree it is time to stand up and fight back, even if it means taking the war to the progressives and radicals who are out to destroy our great country.  I have lived and worked in 25 countries, including two socialist countries, and no country compares to the US when it comes to freedom and opportunities for all.

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    • Dewey, Click on the twitter bird at the top right. It will open in a new window. Copy and paste the url in the top onto your facebook page and you can share it. 

  • Amen, my Brother!

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