Fascist Canada. Happy Canada Day : vexillologycirclejerk

    • Skeptical , fascism is the DNC

    • Yes. Still, the self-proclaimed 'easy-going' nature of the Tories that left for Canada and other points, has the Yank in me .....Skeptical.

      I wonder what Her Majesties' take is in all of this?

  • Arrested on what charge and show it to me from the book of laws! 

  • So sad

  • Did anyone expect anything different? Too bad for him he wasn't black. That would have excused anything.

  • Paychecks trump Oath of Office. Can't get lower than that. Trudeau's Canada going down the Nazi toilet. Canadian people best wake up and do something about this. This is outrageously sick. 



  • Arrest a priest and let Burn Loot Murder run rampant along the commie bastards ANTIFA, the black face fool running Canada is worse than O'Biden and his minions if that's possible.💩👿

  • Unbelievable! They made him kneel in the rain for no good reason.

  • this happened in germany after hitler seized power. any church could still operate as long as they toe the propaganda line

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