• Well, I've always thought that disarming us would the straw that breaks the camel's back and triggers Americans to actually react/respond, however it may well be the issue of worship.  I don't think Americans will sit for this freedom to be stolen from us. 

  • STASI...................Where's Susan Rice been lately? She's been busy as the head of it. I KNEW it!!

    • Susan Rice is no where do be found because she doesn't give a flip about the United States 

    • Rice has been running the GOVT since joe dumbass has been at the wheel

    • EXACTLY!

    • that's exactly what I mean by she doesn't give a flip about the United State of America along with the Obama administration.

  •  They arrested the pastor????

    The parishioners should have surrounded the pastor and goaded the police with "arrest me too". Maybe thousands of people should do that ... fill their damned jails!

    Are our police going to arrest Trump for running MAGA rallies??? Then his attendees should surround Trump ... force the police to arrest THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ... expose their dictatorial hands.

    Am I pissed? Believe it!!

  • UNREAL !!!

  • Show me the law that says you must obey these suggestions that have yet to be proven in any respect. There are no laws broken.

    • It's called Tyranny.


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