• that's right


  • Now what is this all about??? CLOSED DOOR??? No Press No Cameras. Sounds very fishy.

  • The Demorats are in full panic mode now as they know Trump will win the election and if we can win back the house then Pelosi, Shumer ans Schif are going to be HISTORY!

    • the Democrats are paying for what they did back in the 2012 election they voted God out of their party.


    • it's a matter of fact

  • Weill THIS should be interesting.

  • Considering how eager some of those senators are to leak everything they know or think they know the fack of no leaks is worrisome.

    • Take your racist bs back to your far left commune, trying to pass yourself off as a conservative just failed.

    • you know rogie go F yourself you ahole demonrat. we patriot vets will take care  of you bastards when the war breaks  out things like  you will  be the first to go. you'll make some good dog food...

    • Still a failure and you come across as too stupid to have been a vet.  Retired Navy CPO here. Now run along!

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