• Something is rotten in Den Mark and it isn't the cheese... we are all aware of the massive amounts of criminal conduct in DC. The abuses of power range from purgery to treason, yet we have few to no major public officials under indictment... past or present. Why?  It is not necessary to determine why there are no indictments; what is needed is to FIRE those responsible for bringing the indictments but have not.

    Pres. Trump must hold the DOJ and FBI accountable... for failing to enforce the 'Rule of Law'.  The obstruction of justice has become so blatant and brazen that it now begs the question are the DOJ/FBI  now co-conspirators in the many crimes of the Deep State?  Has the DOJ and FBI become so corrupt that they are in fact defrauding the Nation of the RULE OF LAW?  I believe they have crossed the line to become part of the criminal cabal corrupting our Government institutions.

    • you are right but on the other hand, it's all started with Obama and Obama has some of the American people in the palm of his hand. 

  • Hide Schumer!!!!!!! Democrats don't control the narrative like in the good old days when the MSM ruled!

  • How can he force the Senate to do anything? Is he not the minority

    • How?  Sen McConnell and the GOP leadership are enabling Schumer to act anytime they believe it helps their GLOBALIST RINO positions..... the GOP and RNC are NOT the GOP of Pres. Reagan.

    • that's why he has a fit because he is the minority.


  • Vote for our country vote for President Trump 

    • 100%


  • He is throwing a hissy fit! Schumer needs to go!

    • Sen McConnel needs to give Schumer an office in the Basement of the Senate Building... with no windows or vents.... let him hold his hissy fits where the sun don't shine.  It is time to play hardball before Schumer steals all the bases and the baseball... these leftist don't play by the rules and those who do battle with them must use the rule of law skillfully to put them away... not more hugs, no more reaching across the isles as you won't get back your hand .. or arm. '

      Time to play for keeps... no more softball, no more flag football... Rugby is the sport for the season.

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