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Just how inaccurate are the coronavirus death totals around the country? If past reports (see The Real Cause of a ‘Coronavirus Death’ In Florida Will Have You Questioning Everything) and the latest data out of Palm Beach County are any indication, the answer is that the numbers are nowhere close.

The local CBS affiliate did an investigative piece on deaths being reported in the Florida county. What they found were multiple falsely reported deaths for COVID that turned out to be nothing of the sort. We aren’t talking about people who had cancer and were classified as a coronavirus death because they also were infected, which would be back enough on its own.

No, we are talking about stuff like this via 12 News.

A 90-year-old man who fell and died from complications of a hip fracture.

A 77-year-old woman who died of Parkinson’s disease.

These are some of the deaths in Palm Beach County recently, and incorrectly, attributed to COVID-19 in medical examiner records.

The CBS12 News I-Team uncovered several examples in Medical Examiner reports of people counted as a COVID death who did not die of COVID.

It gets worse though. In total, they found eight people listed who not only didn’t die of COVID, but who didn’t even have COVID listed as a contributing factor. And to be sure, “contributing factor” is already being used incredibly liberally by these medical examiners.

In total, of the 589 people on the spreadsheet they received from the medical examiner, only 169 actually died singularly of COVID. All the rest had preexisting conditions, some of which would have killed those people regardless.

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  • this is crazy that's happened all the time not only in florida it happened where I work they blame the covid19 to a man that has a phisical problem.

  • Damn, who would have thought that all medical professionals were in on the insurrection, by making it out to be President Trump's fault that the seasonal Covid-19 was a deadly pandemic or dempanic. You can;t trust anyone anymore, not even your doctor. marxist commie prix.

    • They are cowards by nature and don't want to lose their jobs. They do as told without questioning. The medical profession to include the military has always been left leaning. They are trained that way and are very PC. I have been a pharmacist for 25 years and it sucks. So much incompetence and lazy people. That's why you pay more then you should. Sign my petition to sue tge government.

  • The good news is that the Trump administration instead of the CDC will get the covid reports now. They will know how to delete the bogus data, and we will finally get the truth about covid as we always get the truth from Trump.

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