• It's time all liberal mentally disturbed teachers and professors be relieved of their jobs and placed in an institution and replaced with patriotic teachers who can get back to subjects that will carry their students to a safe happy peaceful and productive life.  This also goes for the Marxist schoolboard members.  

    • Give Vouchers to Parents and let them decide where to educate their children... no need to fire deranged teachers or union members... the parents will vote them out of work with their feet... Public Schools should be defunded and their teachers permanently kept away from our children... let private schools be smart enough to avoid hiring failures from the public school system.  Let them hire professionals with degrees in the subjects they teach.  A teaching certificate today doesn't ensure competency in the basics of education... it only ensures that they are WOK and indoctrinated in CRT, Common Core, and Marxist ideology.

  • The teacher who sent this home with the kids, needs to be FIRED!!!!!   Talk about invasion of privacy!

  • NOYFB is the correct answer and all parents should reply with this same five latters 

    • And at the end of the page ask how the teacher or principal would answer the same questions and see if they dare respond!!!

  • OK...What school district and name the school.

  • My answer would be NOYFB. 

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