• The correct answer is None of Your Business. Leave it there.  Then have school with your kids and educate your children, as to what kind of questions are ok and are not ok. 

  • The correct response for all eight questions is, "Up your Ass you would know!" 

    This is not Education, it is Information Gathering.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • My singel answer would have been NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS

  • I remember when I was in 5th or 6th grade, back in the early '60s, my school sent home something asking about family income and a few other questions like that. 

    My Dad went to the school the next day and tore them a new one. First, he took my teacher out in the hall and laid down the law on him(we could still hear them inside the room). That was priceless because the teacher was a hardnose authoritarian type that no one really liked and we got to hear him cower down to someone for a change.

    Then he went to the principal's office and did the same thing again, telling them it's none of their business to ask or know how much income he made or how he made it. He was self-employed in the HVAC and commercial refrigeration business and one of his customers was the county school system.

    The next thing he did was attend the next PTA meeting and voice his opinion on freedom from govt incursion into a citizen's private matters. 

    My dad made sure anyone involved in our school system knew that they were crossing a very important line that was sacred to freedom-loving Americans and he would not let that happen on his watch.

    He became a hero at the PTA although he was not welcome at the schools anymore. They stopped using him but the many farmers and small businesses in the area started using him for all their needs.

    That more than made up for losing the school system.

    I guess I should mention that during WWII, my dad was a US Marine Lt, landing first in the Marshal islands, then he was one of the first to set foot on Saipan and finally Tinian. He was injured on Saipan by an exploding flamethrower when the marine that was using it took a direct hit in the fuel tank. Dad was about 10 feet away directing the fire at the time.

    He was really a gentle man unless you threatened his rights as an American. That is why their insignia was the liberty bell in front of two crossed cannons.  Appropriate and ironic as I see it.

    • Well said, and I can recall several instances where my parents took on the Public School administration and teachers... society in the '50s demanded government be restrained and limited ... not like the interfering and oppressive government of today.  One can't even cut down a tree on their property without permission from the City where I live... and God forbid if you want to raise a few chickens in the city limit.

  • They have one hell of a nerve. Take yer kids out of these schools.

  • The leftist socialist have taken over the school systems.  They have indoctrinated the colleges and high schools with their leftist ideology. Now they are indoctrinating the lower grades. For the soul of our kids and America, it is imperative to shout down the public school system.

  • This assignment demonstrates that our Public schools have become politicized...  Take your children out of the Public School System NOW... or don't be surprised when they turn you in as dissidents to their Marxist Schoolmasters.  Give Parents Vouchers for their Children's Education and let them decide where to send their children.  Defund the public schools...

    Let Public Schools compete in a free market of educational opportunities... for their students.  See how long it takes before we have nothing but private schools.


    • What the public schools are doing is eerily similar to the Nazi Youth Program.  Don't let it happen.  Teachers and school board members are legally beholden to YOU!

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