• Crooks

  • Each State must now act to have their legislatures review the election fraud claims n their respective states... and where they prove valid they must pass a State Resolution DECERTIFYING THE ELECTION and recalling its Electors... filing a complaint with COngress and notifying Pres. Biden that his votes are recalled and that his election is now formally in doubt and he and Kamal Harris need to resign and the ELection sent to the House for a vote by the State Deligaitons according to the12th Amendment... 

    Failure to have Biden resign would then leave the State's to call a convention of states to pass a recall amendment recalling ALL of the election results for the 2020 Election, not just the President... subject to new elections to be held in 90 days.  If unable to obtain sufficient support to pass... each state then has cause to consider Section based on the Federal Government's illegitimacy and breach of Constitutional Contract with the State seceding.. by failing to provide a Constitutional Republic, due to election fraud.

  • And the peanutdick Georgia @ssholes certified the vote anyway.  I hope Georgia burns in hell ......

    • Born and raised here in Atlanta GA, Peter and I AGREE. Looking to move after 62 years! Sick of it. (There were undercover photos taken of the ballots in Atlanta and Johns Creek being shredded!)

  • I can't understand why people ignore obvious cheating!  That is an awful lot of ballots!!!!

  • Not sure what we need to do?  Supreme Court won't do anything, attorney General didn't do anytthing, the lower courts didn't do anything!

  • Some of the work of the huge gap tooth never concede georgia govenor election pig

  • No Surprise !!! More findings nation wide are out there AND coming.   Zip em up joe 

  • The Republicans stayed silent on this. Trump was out numbered and the people got screwed. We will never have voter integrity again in this country look what was just passed in the gross pork spending bill. Really do you think future generations are going to pay back this massive debt. They will wave the white flag and let the socialists rein with their power and accept the few scraps given to them but first the illegals will get their freebie stuff which you will pay for. So sad for this once great country. Where are the Patriots ???

    • If they keep printing money at this rate, the dollar will be worthless.


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