• It isn't far off!  Something needs to be done, start working on replacing as many Democrats and Rinos as possible.  We MUST take back the House and the Senate, get rid off Pelosi and Schumer!  We have very little time left to clean this mess up!   We have to make the new president useless if we control Congress!!!

    • We learn from our mistakes, and fight like hell not to let them happen again, 2022 is just around the corner call every rep you can I mean melt those phone lines down get on there lkast nerves and let those bums know we are not going to put up with them controlling these elections, WE ARE AMERICAN'S AND WE WRE NOT AFRAID!!

    • We are not talking about MISTAKES... the rape of our Nation's  Electoral System, Treasures, and Constitution are deliberate, targeted, and meant to destroy our Republic.  It is time that PEOPLE GO TO JAIL for a very long, long time for their treasonous acts... Again, our nation is being raped ... not by mistaken policy ... it is by the deliberate, informed acts of the members of our Government... both Political Parties... The masses are being LIED to in the most disturbing and destructive ways, by the Marxist Democrats and Globalist Politicians.  We must find ways to remove and punish them.

    • Agreed!  

  • So what can be done about it. now. Why was this not handled before this and why did any STATE allow this to be done. Trump warned everyone that it was a recipe for fraud and it was. 

  • In the GEORGIA Presidential Election and the Senate run-offs, it appeared as though we saw NO COURAGE from anyone except Sidney Powell and Lin Wood: 

    1.  The governor and sec'y of state would not even look at GLARING, documented Election fraud 

    2.   Didn't look like Loeffler OR Perdue really FOUGHT for their seats -- just let the corrupt Georgia electoin operation declare them defeated.  Loeffler and Perdue (if you counted votes from eligible voters) both WON their races, but the "country club" Republicans just "laid down" and conceded (as I'm sure happened across the USA following the Presidential Election).  IF we counted LEGAL VOTES, I'm SURE we'd have a Republican House and Senate majority, AND and our Republican President (who really WON by perhaps 10 million votes)!  

    We need to pick leaders, going forward, who are couragious WARRIORS for God, family, country, liberty, truth, and justice!  OUT WITH THE "PC" COWARDS!  

  • redo

  • Democrats stole it?.................DUH!!!!

    • Bingo! the Democrats doesn't want Donald Trump to be the president of the United State and they play like they are God in the election 2020.


  • What now?

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