The New York Times on Twitter: "Clap back? "Clap jeer?" House Speaker Nancy  Pelosi's wordless gesture at President Trump's State of the Union sparks  memes and some criticism. <a href="" />

A letter sent Tuesday to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was signed by 124 members of the House and Senate who expressed outrage over her hypocritical efforts to overturn Iowa’s Second Congressional District election.

The lawmakers criticized her activities to undermine the Iowa voters by choosing Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) to represent the Second Congressional District. They stated “Iowans made their choice known at the ballot box” and the voters have had their ballots “counted, recounted, and certified in a bipartisan manner.”

The bicameral group reiterated that they “stand firmly with the American people of Iowa’s Second Congressional District – whose right and will it is for her to serve as their elected Representative in Congress.”

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  • If Pelosi can overturn the presidential election and put BIDEN IN THEN SHE FIGURES THAT THERE IS NOTHING BEYOND HER POWER'S. 

    • Except turn back her centuries. 

      She must lather foundation on her face with a trowel.

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    • I don't know the channel you are tuned to, but it offers lovely storylines.

      I'm sorry, but I need a tad more substance for validity. Too many Questions unaddressed.

      Not that I am disagreeable to anything you suggest though.......

  • Look at what they got away with in the 2020 election. They now think they can do whatever the want.


  • I don't give a flip what the Democrats are doing because as as I am concerned they are evil.

  • Democrats will do whatever the hell they damn well pleaase from here on in. They overhrew our country Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of our Constitution. PERIOD. Nothing to argue there. NOTHING. If you think we'll have anything but Stalinist elections from here on in you're an IDIOT!!

  • She was very "in" with the 2020 Presidential election fraud, and figures she can do it on her own without all the fixes employed to railroad Donald Trump out of Washington D.C. .

  • Instead of being Speaker of the House, she SHOULD be Speaker of 'CELL BLOCK C'!!!

  • Will someone tell the witch that the only votes she controls are the votes of her district and it's easy because all of them are the same idiots like her 

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