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“Singing is discouraged as it is thought to be an activity that expels significantly more virus than talking,” says guidelines

Officials in Knox County, Tennessee, are telling local churches to stop conducting communion, to remove Bibles from the pews and to even discourage singing during service.

The county released a “phased reopening” plan which, ironically enough, references several New York City guidelines for its models on how churches should conduct worship even though Knox Co. has no where near as many cases as NYC, nor does it even have the most cases in Tennessee, according to a case map by

According to Knox Co.’s own data, the county has had 232 positive cases of Covid-19, with 199 reported recoveries as of the time of this writing.

Now, according to the reopening plan:

– The physical taking of communion/sacrament should not be performed due to the serial breaking of physical distancing across a congregation. Consider guiding parishioners in how to connect with the spiritual aspects of these practices during this phase.

– Singing is discouraged as it is thought to be an activity that expels significantly more virus than talking.

– Deep cleaning should occur between services. Remove all communal items (for example, tithe plates, hymnals, bibles, etc.). If applicable, use a donation box instead of tithe plate.



We’ve reached out to the county to see why New York City guidelines were used instead of guidelines by the State of Tennessee.

The county could potentially put itself at risk for litigation given that government officials are basically telling churches how to conduct worship, especially with the claim about singing.

At some point it might be more prudent for churches to remain closed instead of allowing the government influence over their theology.

This story does bring to mind an incident in China in which Christian churches were forced to replace the Ten Commandments with quotes from Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Some congregations have been threatened to be blacklisted by the government, meaning that their travels will be restricted and schooling and future employment of their offspring will be impeded if they refused to overhaul their churches according to the current national policies,” according to a journalist who covered the story. “Disobeying the orders means opposition to the Communist Party, officials claimed.”

Now while that incident didn’t take place amid a pandemic, it does underscore the dangers of allowing government inside the church, regardless of the reason.

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  • I used an improper word.  Covid-19 has not been 'clinically' determined to be a viable disease.  There specific protocols that must be used to determine any illness.  You can not base a disease on basic symtoms common to many illnesses and then dictate treatments regimens that have proven detrimental to the patients health.  Though this issue with the church is serious, it is but another distraction from the approaching tidal wave of discontent.  If you think that you are a PATRIOT then, you are not AFRAID.  You are not wearing a mask, as the fearful do, and you recognize that none of these implemented measures are constitutional.  Stand firm for your constitutional rights because ALL OF THIS is government testing of the American population.  So far, we appear to be wimps.  I do expect that the government will be proven wrong and replaced before that takedown 'MY' Constitution of these United States.  Speak your mind and dare them to try to stop you.  It has everything to do with the first Two Amendments.

  • This Covid-19 hoax is a distraction away from what the FED and Congress have done to our economy, which in turn will bring down the global economy.  Civil disobedience should begin during the coming Summer and Marshall Law may be instituted by our felonious government.  This is the time when 'TRUE PATRIOTS' will be required to think hard on the 'Constitutionality' of so much of what our government does and has done for so long.  That our DOJ and FBI are so thoroughly corrupted has not been addressed by Congress.  The arrogant fools that we have elected through corrupted elections must be held accountable for what they have done.  The U S Government has been playing us as fools for decades.  There is ample evidence that H W Bush led the assasination of J F K and that either or both E Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis were the trigger men.  The country was born out of a demand for religious freedom.  All of our freedoms are now in jeopardy because of this malfeasant disease that has not been medically identified as an illness.  Wake up America and stand up for NOT your freedom but, the freedom of our children and grandchildren.  You are responsible for the country that they inherit.

  • What idot thinks they can micromanage every facet of human life... try the following... Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Obama, Cumo, Newsome, and more.  Just ask them, or those still living... and they will tell you that the people are stupid and reckless... that they need to be told how to live.

    On the topic of closing the Church to avoid government influencing their theology... isn't that what the government wants... to end religion altogether.  We don't need to close the Church we need to expand the Church... too, promote greater participation... not close it.  Let the government try to stop singing ... we can do that and observe social distancing.. choirs may need to rethink how they organize.. but there are ways where there is a will.

    • They want an one world religion....they want TOTAL CONTROL over you.....and after that they want you dead.  They call is a reduction of population for a better world.  Bill Gates called his vaccination efforts the final solution...sounds like the Nazi death camps.  WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO DARN LATE!   The democrats are now pushing for digital currency. Why?  Control.  If your not a good little citizen that follows the one world gov agenda they will cut you off from your money...CONTROL.  You will have entered an new country called SLAVELANDIA!!!!!!!

    • Bow at the alter of state.

  • These demonrats can kiss my ass! 

  • From what I understand there are absolutely no guidlines for Muslims who worship. Time to take them to court for discrimination.

    • Don't waste your time the courts will only confirm the law... making it more difficult to resist the next set of laws.  Just ignore the laws or comply where it doesn't violate God's word.  Social distancing restrictions can be overcome... just hold 3-4 services on Sunday.... or the day of your denomination worships.  More services if the congregation is larger... Choirs can spread out among the pews on one side or the other... and still, be effective.  Bands or Elders can reorganize how they set up... there should be no problem in finding a suitable solution.

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