• This seems great news! Even so, the old adage, "Never count your chickens before they hatch", seems less corny and more golden nowadays.

  • ** UPDATE **

    Not exactly the death knell, but a step in the right direction: OSHA's preemptive move signals an order they received from the White House:

    OSHA Suspends the Implementation and Enforcement of Biden's Vaccine Mandate
    After a series of court rulings halting President Joe Biden's vaccination mandate for private companies, OSHA has officially suspended the implementa…
  • devildemocommiecrats ignore any court decision that goes against their satanic agewnda.  courts are USELESS!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is only one of the many rounds of appeals and hearings that still exist... the permanent injunction is only good until the Courts make their final ruling on the OSHA rule... there is no permanent injunction only a stay on enforcement until the case receives its final appeal... either at the SCOTUS or Appeals Court with final jurisdiction.

    • It will be difficult to impossible to rule any other way for any court.....any left leaning court doesn't want this to go to the Supreme Court!

    • Let's pray they uphold it

    • The Appellates I cannot account for. But SCOTUS with the ring sleeved rascal causes me worry. Especially after that legislating from the bench legerdemain with the ACA.

    • I agree, COL. 

  • I hope you're right, Melony, but I can't seem to corroborate this story with other news outlets. Also, as I understand it, rulings from appellate courts become final under two conditions: 1) by affirmation of the Supreme Court, or, 2) a decision by SCOTUS declining to hear a case, which also would effectively affirm a ruling from any lower court, appellate or otherwise.

    The tweet shown above appears to have been posted by "Newsbreak," a popular subscription service targeting mobile phones. I've surfed both their home and headline pages. So far, the only story I'm finding is the Fifth's ruling of last week temporarily freezing the Vax mandate over "grave" constitutional concerns. From there, the case would presumably head to SCOTUS.

    Somebody please prove me wrong. 

  • Woohoo!  Praise the Lord Jesus!

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