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An Oregon Democrat is seeking a hike in Medicaid funding to help finance unarmed response teams that would replace police officers in some instances, according to a report.

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, says a decades-old program in Eugene called CAHOOTS (Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets) would be more effective on mental health-related calls than conventional police departments, reported.

According to Wyden’s office, the CAHOOTS proposal “takes best practices from Oregon and encourages other states to adopt them through increased Medicaid funding,” the news outlet reported.

The estimated dollar amount for implementing the proposed program was not clear.

It also wasn't clear whether CAHOOTS would differ from similarly aimed programs that have been emerging since President Trump issued his Safe Policing for Safe Communities executive order, an alternative to defunding the police.

Dallas and Denver are among the cities with programs that align with the president's order, Fox News reported in July.

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  • We must always support the police and help support police organizations to weed out their few bad cops.


  • This is ignorance, pure and simple. There is typically no such thing as a "mental health call." Calls are about dangerous situations, often involving armed assaults, that prove to be about mental health problems to one degree or another. Once that is known then treatment becomes an option. Until then, police must have the ability to meet force with force (restrained to the extent possible). It's one thing to let the lunatics seize control of the asylum; it's quite another to write it into law

  • The next time there is a riot, which will be this weekend, Wyden should be at the forefront to calm the savages.  Then and only then, after he changes his underwear, should he make a statement on what sources are necessary to maintain the peace.

  • let's have unarmed security for elected officials

    • Some Congress people have armed guards, but they want to take away your right to defend yourself.

    • More than fair. If for me then for thee. 

  • Policeman vs. Officer of the Law.

  • This wyden dud is a reflection of the democratic party in Oregon that voted him into office. He is a good example for term limits since he has been at the government trough for excess of 30 years. Vote him out Oregon! Wake up!

  • Only if he Voleenteers to be the first team leader.


  • Send this nimrod to the land of the unicorns!!!!

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