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Lindsey Graham, the owner of Glamour Salon in Salem, Oregon, has been harassed by numerous government agencies for reopening her salon despite Gov. Kate Brown's (D) stay-at-home order. 

 During a Friday press conference, Graham said multiple government agencies, including child protective services, have investigated her for wanting to reopen her salon and make a living.

"And, if you can possibly believe this, on May 7th, Child Protective Services showed up at my home," she said, taking a deep breath while holding back tears. "They questioned my husband and I. They questioned my child, without me present. They searched our home. And I've never expected such a violent, aggressive, vindictive thing ever could have been done to me or my family because I'm trying to earn a living, because I'm trying to work." 

According to the salon owner, CPS' case is still open, as far as she knows.

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  • Until the last 15 to 20 years.....I never thought I'd see such an egregious abuse of government powers like we've seen in the past 5.  Governers, senators, and even some police officers thinking because of a virus the Constitution has been ripped up and tossed in the trash.  I'm praying there are serious backlashers in their futures...

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