OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMPCONCERNS ABOUT MANDATORY VACCINATION AND CHIP IMPLANTATION President Trump,I have read reports that you have come out praising the globalist, self absorbed billionaire bill gates for his proposal to make coronavirus vaccination and microchip implantation mandatory. Gates and Nazi war criminal george soros stand to make hundreds of millions if not billions while having no concerns about being sued for negative effects of the mandatory treatments. I write this hoping the reports that you are going to "fast track" this are wrong. I will under no circumstances vote for a democrat but cannot and will not support nor vote for you if you stand with soros and gates against liberty for We the People. I supported you in 2016 because I saw the fear and hatred of you from the deep state political and media leftists. I saw the gop establishment try to do to you what they did to Ron Paul in 2012, and decided then that you were the one I needed to stand with. I have stayed with you during the impeachment scam because I know it is a witch hunt with no substance in it. Joe biden is on video bragging about doing what they falsely accuse you of doing but he is one of them and you aren't, at least not yet, so they persecute you to get you out of the way so they can persecute We the People. I heard a quote where you said they are after the people and you are just in the way. I agree with that statement but I see them moving you a little at a time since they couldn't remove you by treason. They will move you a little at a time, getting you to help them in return for your hope that they will back off but they won't accept anything but total surrender as the gop establishment has done. Pukes like mcconnell and graham have gotten to the point that they talk tough but do nothing to stop the democrat tyranny parade and that is where they intend to position you, nothing more than a popinjay saying the right things to patriots but stabbing us in the back as republicans do.During the current coronavirus scam I have been disappointed to see you bail on a commitment to liberty by calling for the shutdown of the economy, a policy desired by the globalists in our nation who want to see us destroyed. The "stay at home" scam is just fearmongering by those who want to rule over We the People as a globalist dictatorship under satan, and their media minions that help them. As sad as it is I found the pastors of the churches I attend submitting to the government suggestions/mandates to stop gatherings. The main two churches I attend have gone to online only while the other has gone to in car parking lot services but the online system doesn't fulfill my desire for a gathering of disciples of Jesus. As a result I have found two churches close to home that are meeting inside, one after a brief suspension (the pastor was exposed at his secular job so stopped for the 14 day period suggested then resumed). The other opted for parking lot services to be on the safe side.I WILL NOT COMPLY with any order to receive a vaccination nor the microchip implant that is the first step to the mark of the beast foretold in the Bible Book of Revelation. I am one of the most patriotic people you will ever know about, a veteran (a former Special Forces soldier) but am now old, 70, and crippled from a stroke I suffered in 2014 but will resist with every bit of ability I can muster. I took an oath on December 11, 1968 to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. That oath is still in effect and will be until the day I die, either from natural causes or murder at the hands of minions of the globalist cabal. The Gestapo goons can overcome me due to my disabilities and the amount of people and firepower they will employ to murder me. I will fight them to the death if that's what it takes but I WILL NOT surrender to tyranny under any circumstances. I am sure I am on several government hit lists as I have long spoken out for liberty and that I bow only to Jesus Christ. Jesus is my only master. I don't fear death or what man can do to me because Jesus is for me and I will not turn my back on what He did for me on the cross. I hope you will come out very soon with a very firm public statement that you will not only not support the globalist agenda of forced vaccination but that your administration will oppose it and prevent such an injustice from happening as long as you are the President. Again, the globalist Gestapo can kill me but they can't coerce me into submitting to their satanic plans. Mr. Trump, please stand with citizens and liberty against the globalist cabal that seeks to rule over everyone in the world. I admire and respect you because you have so far been a thorn in the side of the globalist satanic cabal and I pray to see you continue to fight for We the People and liberty.You have stated that much of the future will depend on governors and that is as it should be as long as they don't continue to violate the Constitution. Government closest to the people is usually the best but we have seen democrat governors and mayors institute pure tyranny, ordering police to ticket or arrest citizens not obeying their unlawful edicts and arresting business owners who opt to open their businesses to provide finances for them and their families. I recently read about a police officer in Seattle that was fired for refusing to delete a video he put out urging other officers to refuse to carry out orders to arrest people for not obeying "social distancing" orders. Church members have been given tickets for attending parking lot church services even though they were staying in their cars, obeying the edicts of tyrants. Bars, liquor stores, and abortion clinics have been allowed to stay open while churches have been closed down as "non essential". At this time worshipping God is the MOST ESSENTIAL thing for the survival of our nation. Democrats hate God as much as they hate liberty and crave personal wealth and power. As an open letter I am going to post this on the few social media sites I have access to but will wait until you have had time to get this and respond publicly, a week or two, before I go public with it. I was banned from facebook for not complying with their communistic , satanic "community standards". There are very few sites that aren't afraid of government tyranny and willing to accept my views on Christianity, the Constitution, and liberty but I will post this where I can, hoping others will agree and have the courage to spread it. Again, please show that you are against the globalist, satanic cabal and for liberty for We the People by taking a firm public stand against soros, gates, and their globalist power and wealth grab.I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.Sincerely,Bob RussellClaremore, OklahomaMay 21, 2020

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