• My boy Trump killed it. Bye, bye joe. Maybe we will never hear from this old loser biden again. TRUMP 2020

    • agree


  • The President did a great job tonight..

  • Trump wins this one even if just on the topic of catch and release.  My daughter was killed by an illegal alien-- seven times DUI, seven times deported.  Joe Hiden has no idea about the real effects of liberal immigration policies.

    • I also am so sorry for your loss, James. 

    • I'm so sorry for your loss, James.


    • I'll second that


  • Post debate comment is: Joe Biden has perfected the ability to lie directly to the American people with a straight face. The really sad thing is that he probably believes his own lies. Trump won that debate hands down; Old Lunchbox Joe was little better than pitiful.

    • Joe is a liar just like his father Obama and the antichrist


  •  Yep, Biden has been over the hill and out to lunch for a long time; even the Obama administration people had a hard time putting up with him. Now they have to pump him up to hide the Bernie Sanders socialists hiding in the background, and a vote for Biden is actually a vote for uber leftist and political opportunist Kamala Harris and her band of Bernie Bros and Obama leftovers.

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