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The OPEC+ oil cartel dealt a blow to President Biden's hopes of increased supply when it voted for just a small increase in production on Wednesday – even after Biden's controversial fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman last month.

The White House refused to condemn the move, even as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said 'the President has been very clear ...  that oil supply must meet oil demand.'

She pointed to a series of drops in oil and gas prices, and spoke in front of a chart that showed the drop.

'Seven weeks ago, the price of barrel of oil was about $120. And now it's at around $95. Gas prices went from more than $5 to under $4 for majority of the country. We've seen the fastest decline as I just laid out in gas prices in over a decade and that's 50 days straights,' she said.

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  • Moron pump American oil. 

  • dementia is bowing to and begging arab billionaires, and likely getting kickbacks for stopping American production so they can pocket even more money!!!!!  Dementia is as corrupt as he is TREASONOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  • They know exactly what they are doing, but not working for the benefit of the people.

  • The continued lie(s). 

  • You can't take these people serious.  But, they are very dangerous,  and the true insurrection is in progress.  I don't think voting will fix this take over, it is to late in my opinion.  I don't see things getting better without violence, and that will come from the left. Obama's little army.

  • What a bunch of ignorant people !!!!   FJB

  • L.O.L

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