Impeachment Lawyers opened Trump’s second Impeachment Trial with a video that was reportedly manipulated or had been edited in some fashion. As the day went on many began to note the nature of the video and the subsequent legal challenges it brings to the House Impeachment team.

Former U.S. Representative for Utah’s 3rd congressional district Jason Chaffetz asked the question:


House Rules: page 34, Line Y into page 35 to Line 8 8537231455?profile=RESIZE_584x Full House Rules here:

House Rules - Pelosi 117th ... by The Conservative Treehouse

Video Democrat House Managers Played: H/T StarPolitical

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  • How Nazi-ish of the Democrats!!!

  • The only way to stop this idiots stand together knowing that they will have our support but this will never happen there are some republicans who hate Trump so much that the country means nothing to them.

  • The President did nothing to incite riot or insurrection... unlike many members of the Marxist Democrat Party who have time after time permitted an incited riot, arson, murder, and a host of other crimes.  The rule of law was replaced time and time again in Major Democrat CIties all across our nation... from the West to the East Coast... from the cities of the northern city of Milwalkee to Atlanta, the Democrats were burning down our cities...  The mob is a core part of their party's political strategy to coerce and terrorize the public.

  • most of these type of people do not know how to speak the truth, and they are like sheep, and easily manipulated. Can you tell? the people involvled will be eating a lot of crow in guantanamo.

  • Dems and lying,cheating staff people

  • Why the surprise? 

    This is a KANGAROO COURT established to label not only Pres. Trump a domestic terrorist but too set the precedent that all of his supporters are domestic terrorists and need to be rounded-up and prosecuted.  This sham of an Impeachment to remove a President that is no longer in office is not only absurd it is Unconstitutional on its face. 

    The GOP is gone... they are nothing more than the Junior Varsity Marxist Party...  don't fund them and work to take over your local GOP county and state committees so the next National convention can result in the removal of all its GLOBALIST COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL sycophants and pretenders.

  • No need to get worked up over this. There are more than enough Republican Senators who will acquit Trump no matter what. 

    • Really?  enough GOP Senators to acquit Trump... there were enough GOP senators to have the ELectoral votes thrown out and what happened?  You are delusional.. Trump may well find he and his family looking at the Atlantic Ocean from GITMO instead of Key Largo.  He continues to ignore the reality on the ground and I fear dug his and our nation's grave by failing to act decisively to counter the Marxist Coup that occurred.

      Where is Q anon... where is the great surge in the Military that has been predicted?  If the Calvary exists it does so only in the minds of those who see a completely different world than the one we are living in today.  If we are to reverse this serious debacle we must first get a hold on reality... then plan accordingly... that doesn't include waiting for a non-existent counter-revolution magically appearing with the Military leading the way.  I don't care how many former Generals signed on to a counter-revolution.. The facts deny it exists and with each passing day, it becomes more unlikely that any direct or immediate action will change our situation...

      Short of GOD intervening with a Miracle... not impossible, just improbable we are now looking at a very difficult and uphill battle to restore Constitutional Government.. we are looking at State actions to nullify federal overreach as the only peaceful venue with a real chance to be successful.

    • Yes, no doubt Republican senators will save Trump. Unfortunately the impeachment isn't the only legal challenge for Trump. Apparently Georgia opened a criminal investigation about the call Trump made to the corrupt Georgian election officials. Trump told we the people that the call was perfect and we could actually confirm that since the transcript is public. Why is deep state Georgia harassing President Donald J. Trump?

    • this thing is a bull crap that is it

This reply was deleted.