• I wish I had faith in what this group are attempting but Communist Democrats will somehow Wessel out of it if it is proven that they cheated. We all know they did but who, what, where, when, why and how did they do it? All of these little questions is how they will escape any punishment. Plus, we know they are going to find the problem and charge whoever with the crime, but stupid Joe and crazy Kamala do not have to worry about a thing because they are communist just as Obama, the Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, and all of their cohorts. They have everything fixed already. I would love to see all of them in prison for treason. In real life you are hanged for treason.

  • The dims found a judge to stop audit and agreed to pay $1M to indemnify the state for delays and re-neged on the money so...

    What are they afraid of? 

  • Trump is President -- FIX IT  !!!!

  • Trump was a ringer for two terms, I assert. Our problem seems to have been the defined nature of our response to the fraud, that I perceive as having been uncertain up to this juncture. The states electoral results will likely be found to be grossly in error, yet Congressionally certified 'as-is' for the current presidential term. This redefinition of outcome would place very harsh light on the motives of: Congress, the Supreme Court, and contributing executive agencies regarding their reaction to the Trump candidacy and election result challenges. 

    They are supposed to be sincerely committed to honest election results reflecting the will of the People. Yet if the results were in error, all three branches behaved in adamant insistance in not entertaining any interest in correcting results, before and especially during certification, which appeared to angle for an unchangable Inauguration day result for anyone but Trump, again regardless of the will of the People.

    Our untrustworthy servants would then seem, by ideology, greed, or coersion, to not want Populist Trump around Washington D.C., and decided he was not to be allowed to serve.

    If so ..........

    Grass roots rectification anyone?

    • What you say is no doubt true, especially the implication of the courts and Congress. 

    • The Republican Party is part and parcel of the fraud fostered on the the American people. They have for the past 30 years been subservient to the Democrats.  When the Democrats are in power the Republicans yap abput their wrongs while the assigned legislative "gangs" openly conspire with their Democrat "gang" conterparts.  Let a Republican get too patriotic, too moral, too ethical, too conservative, too honest and watch both Democrat and Republican pounce in unison. Case in point, Newt Gingrich, author of the Repulbican Contract with America.  First opertunity, illegally taped and force out of politics. His Crime, potentially the best President since Ronald Reagan. How about Joe Wilson? His crime, calling Barack Obama a liar. History has proven Obama a liar. So, what have the Republicans done about Benghazi? Nothing. What have they done about 4 years of manufactured lies and deceit? Nothing. What did they actually do about Strok or whatever the Communist operative with the FBI's name is. Nothing. Could they have stopped the appointment of Jeff Sessions and prevented 4 years of illegal persecution of a sitting President? If they had wanted to, they could have. Which leave the obvious assumption, They didn't want to stop the probe. It has turned into too good of a fund raiser. 

      So, what is the answer? The answer must be the unity of 75,000,000 disenfranchised voters rejecting the Republican Party and voting as one Block. The answer is the 1776 Freedom Party. I will be a charter member, I and not that leader, but he or she is out there. Start the 1776 Freedom Party and you will find of two things. 1. The 75,000,000 Trump voters are as pissed as they say they are and ready to take back America from the Liberal Radical neo Communist-Islamist-Fascist-Statist that is now the Democratic Party, or 2. The loud mouth so-called partriots here and on Social Media are just that. Loud mouths, who will say that a third party won't work and we have to work within the Republican Party.  Prove me wrong. 


  • You demonrat`s need to be put in jail for treason and then immediately hung. What you tried to do is treason and it`s time to die.

    • Check!


  • Lets see - if Arizona can prove that the election was a fraud and a steal, how can we get the rest of the states that are questionable, to do the same type of audit????

  • They should remove the fence and the National Guard it doesn't look like the house of a free country it look like the protection of a communist leader.

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