• A pedophilia by any other name is still a pedophilia.

  • Is this a woman?

    • A he/she

  • When we fail to pass on Our History through education, even Our Educators are doomed to repeat our past. "Millions in loans, not one cent in tribute!" 1797 one of President John Adams Diplomats to France while attempting to secure a 12 Million Dollar Loan stated upon hearing the Bribe to be $250,000. Our Government Representatives have for far too long been paying Tribute/Bribes to every self indulgent, self slighted, misfit out of the norm of accepted society group to bring about the actions we live in today. If these words are to difficult to comprehend, look them up, then go slug a teacher!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Someone please shove that fudgepacker back into the closet! The whole issue with showing any compassion with the LBGTQ Communities is once you give them an inch, they think they are a ruler!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • You can't show any compassion to any of these rdical groups, take a look at BLM.  All those politicians, big corporations, big tech,the NFL, Basketball, Major League Baseball etc. and all those states and cities that showed compassion to them are being turned on and are now beginning to suffer the consequences.  Wait for the new rioting and looting to start!


  • No farmer anywhere in the World would tolerate feeding a queer rooster.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Wanna bet this sweetheart has a full length ball gown in sequines (with coordinating rhinestone tiara, necklace, bracelet and pumps, of course)?

    The unique-name spelling vanity fetish that fems are particularly susceptible to, really does say it, doesn't it?

    Drag queen wearing a tiara

  • Chairman Bao's former Wreckretary of Ed .Ken Salazar and HIS queering of the schools agenda (which semingly has been scrubbed by the Democrats C.C.P. type contrpl of the net) might have had somethinmg to do with this Orwellian Freak!

  • This must get his ass kicked out of any position that deals with yound individuals. No ifs or buts. Get him a case of carrots to chew on or a bag of ballons.

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