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    • March 21,2021, the Virginia Medical Commissioner sent a letter to ALL doctors in Virginia, NOT to prescribe Hidroxicloriqn for prenention/treatment of C19. Says that "it might cause heart rithmea problems"  NO PROF OR EVIDENCE that HCL is beneficial. When 440,000 lupis patients on HCL did NOT  catch C19! proof?  Big pharma would not make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS with a .20 pill. This WHOLE C19 is BIG PHARMA SCAM promoted by CHINA.

    • The gov of NV outlawed the use in March of 2020.  I think he should be charged with murder for every death that is CCP related.

    • We need to add calls for justice to our posts on this matter...  PROSECUTION must be seen as immanent ... Enough so, that those willing to MURDER MILLIONS FEAR for their own life.  Those responsible for denying legitimate medical care that results in death must clearly understand that what they are doing is murder and will not be ignored.

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    If Dr. Frankenfauci says Ivermectin doesn't work, then it maybe the one drug that DOES work. I don't believe anything that comes out of his chicom mouth. When covid19 was first reported, he did his best to keep it a secret that HIS group helped  fund the bat experiments in Wuhan. He's a lying POS and should be incarcerated until his death!!!



  • Score one for the "Good Guys!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • AMEN to that 

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