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  • Biden Allows Torture And Murder Of U.S. Military Dogs in Afghanistan - Disgusting!!

  • The paragraph below is taken from the FDA guidelines for issuing an Emergency Use Authorization for an unapproved drug.


    1. No Alternatives


    For FDA to issue an EUA, there must be no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the

    candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition. A potential

    alternative product may be considered “unavailable” if there are insufficient supplies of the

    approved alternative to fully meet the emergency need. A potential alternative product may be

    considered "inadequate" if, for example, there are contraindicating data for special circumstances

    or populations (e.g., children, immunocompromised individuals, or individuals with a drug

    allergy), if a dosage form of an approved product is inappropriate for use in a special population

    (e.g., a tablet for individuals who cannot swallow pills), or if the agent is or may be resistant to

    approved and available alternative products.


    It now becomes obvious why Fauci and the media had to immediately discredit and demonize any alternative treatment for covid-19. If Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, or any other form of treatment had been recognized as a viable option, “The Vaccine” could not and would not have been given authorization. I wonder how many people died because they were denied treatment that could have saved their lives.


  • The DIrector of the FDA needs to be arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter ... for denying a proven effective treatment for COVID.  Large doses of most drugs CAN BE DANGEROUS   however, in the correct dosage as supervised by proper medical care (if allowed) such medications work miracles.  There is a building body of evidence that the Government Health Care System is being used to murder millions...  in the name of population reduction and sustainable levels of human population.  There have been many examples and several clinical studies using Ivermectin that prove it is an effective treatment for COVID 19.  Denying the public access to this and Hydroxycloroquin should constitute manslaughter or murder.

  • About damn time!

  • Big Pharma, all medical practitioners, and every Government agent responsible... for restricting Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as a treatment protocol and prophylactic need to be charged with manslaughter or murder, not one should be permitted to live without being prosecuted. 

    This message needs to be prominent on every internet platform... to put these criminals on notice. If enough net chatter and posts are generated, these criminals may just realize that the general public is serious about holding them accountable and that it is only time that stands between them and the gallows or life in prison.

  • This will result in the Drug companies withdrawing Ivermecting from the market.... these murdering bastards will not stop their rush to reduce the world population by any means necessary.   What is needed are prosecutors to begin charging medical practitioners with murder for deliberately withholding proven medial protocols for safely treating COVID 19.... as it is exactly that MURDER.  This is what one gets when euthanasia and abortion become accepted... even promoted forms of medical care.

    • Then we'll travel to Mexico to fill the prescription.

    • Not everyone can do that and those who can may find the shelves bare in Mexico... call first.  The suppression of proven medical protocols is a global conspiracy and it is only time before all the systems to fight COVID are restricted or eliminated.

  • Dr. Fudge Dick will lose money once everyone sees that Ivermecti works & these Dr's , Hospital & Politicans should be SUED UNTIL THEY ARE BROKE & HANGING FROM A TREE! They've Killed Millions with their LIES!!

    • No, not sued... charged with criminal negligence, manslaughter, or murder as there is no excuse to ignore a safe treatment for any disease ... causing death in many patients/ Those physicians who deny their patient's medical care that has proven to be life-saving are in fact engaging in a calculated act to take the life of their patients.

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