• Once Trump has cleaned up the deep state judiciary, it will rain indictments left, right, and center. 

    • The only rain likely to fall is yellow and it certainly isn't drinkable... indictments?  In order for Barr to issue an indictment he first has to know what one is.... it seems he has forgotten what an indictment looks like.

  • Ex CIA fixer, Est guy Barr needs to be replaced. Wray needs to be fired. Trump needs to purge the globalist Swine surrounding him and giving him bad advice. then maybe will see something actually happen.

  • We all know what these incriminating Emails will reveal... we don't need more evidence of her lawlessness... we need indictments and prosecution... we need justice and it is being denied by the very man and his DOJ that wants our vote.  It is time for the President to fulfill his duty as chief law enforcement officer and if that brings down the House of Cards in DC... so be it.

  • Why did it take this long??? Bet none of them are about a wedding . When is her 4am perp walk?

  • That's good news but what will the consequences for HER. More than likely NOTHING

  • I hope I hope I hope! Let er rip. Would love to see the squirming and ducking. Guilty as hell.

    • Hope denied, is hope refused... and hope refused is BETRAYAL... the people have had enough betrayal they now demand action.  Justice delayed is justice denied, the people no longer care about additional evidence, there is more than enough to indict and convict Hillary and others of their crimes... enough criminal activity to LOCK HER UP for the rest of her life and all those associated with her attempted coupe and sedition.

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