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    • You are mostly correct in your analysis of Article V, however the distinction between 2/3 of each chamber in Congress versus 2/3 of all State legislatures in the most critical one. Yes, the Congress is unlikely to obtain such a super-majority to limit their own powers, which every free American patriot would agree have been egregiously misused and abused over the decades. Therefore, it is incumbent on self-governing citizens, through their State legislatures, to bypass Congress for the other option, which is the Convention of States. Sixteen have already signed on with many others either having passed a COS resolution in one chamber or have active legislation on their agendas in 2020. If the people don't take back their government through the only means that is apparently left available to them, the career politicians will be happy to continue business as usual, until the whole thing collapses under staggering national debt and endemic political corruption.

    • Read by the NFL players...  can they READ?  The NFL has crossed a Bridge to Far and is unlikely to ever recover... they need to go the way of the dinosaurs and the other dumb beasts of the field. 

    • The provision to amend the Constitution stated in Article V is authorized when 2/3 of both houses of Congress, or 2/3 of all State Legislatures applying to Congress to amend, is "deemed necessary."

      To date, it is not "deemed necessary" by nearly enough in Congress or the State Legislatures.  

      Again, why would 2/3 of the entire Congress decide to restrict itself by term limits?  If you had a gravy job, one you loved, and one in which you only had to pretend to do, I am sure that you would not want the gravy train to end.  Oh, you might pretend that you would, and feign interest for "the good of the people", I mean you are good at that already. It is, after all, your job.  So, the effort to amend and enforce term limits on Congress  is left up to those making appeals to their respective State Legislatures.  And I would with reason state that even those State Legislatures who seem to agree, do not actually mean it, and will do next to nothing to advance it.

      In short, term limits ain't deemed necessary.  Period, as Biden loves to belch.

      Times haven't changed so much as people have just gotten more evil than ever. There is a reason for that, and the Bible explains it very clearly.  Band-aids are not the answer.  The Founders would be absolutely astonished at America wallowing in and on the brink of self destruction. " My God, is this what we fathered?", they would wonder in amazement.  "Is this what we intended?"    Even in their own day it was bad.  But not this.


    • this should be read by the NFL players.


    • Long Grows The Shadow Of Tyranny…

      Long grows the shadow of tyranny upon the land… cold, the hand of the despot upon our liberty falls. Who will stand, who will go, who will answer the call… Whose blood did pave the streets of liberty? We few, we few men, whose lives did bleed, cry out; come, stay the course true, and live in peace forever renewed… Die not the coward’s curse, make sure freedom’s thirst…

      Can the bards of time so eloquently lift, their voices to cry… give us liberty or give us death… and not be heard? Can there be so few, yet in this land, too rally round the tree of liberty? Whose voice shall our children dance too or labor now; whose cheers of joy shall our wives great … Will it be freemen or the slaves of a new plantation?

      Were comes this cry for justice in our land of law… Who is it, that has turned the servant of the people, too be their master’s… Call. Will justice be blind, in a land bartered by men, whose black robes so aptly hide their souls? Let the world know, that the law is the servant of the people, and the unjust judge will be overturned upon appeal, to a people… True.

      Woe to the tyrant whose eyes seize upon another’s life and property… thinking to entice the wicked, to engage with him, as his appetite grows bold for more… Until there is no more! Then, shall we hear the voice of the oppressed rise to heaven, and the Supreme Judge of the Land shall speak judgment upon the wicked.

      Look up, for the day grows short… and the sun soon sets; then, darkness will cover the wicked for a time and a season. But in the morning judgment comes, upon the wings of an Eagle, it comes. For, the tyrant shall not escape his end, it is certain; death's curtain shall embrace him, tomorrow and tomorrow, with an eternity of sorrow. Greet now thy makers voice, with joy… Rejoice for He alone, will bring a conclusion to this all… With liberty, we shall break the bounds of the despot’s call… with the voice of freedom, we shall rally all.  Amen.

      BY: RA Nelson
      Col. US Army (Ret)

      The God of Creation shall have the wicked in derision, the wise shall with patient receive the latter rain and with it salvation... in the midst of great tribulation.  God is our rock and our salvation... His Word has declared it ... and so shall it be.

      Long Grows The Shadow Of Tyranny…
      Long grows the shadow of tyranny upon the land… cold, the hand of the despot upon our liberty, falls. Who will stand, who will go, who will answer th…
    • Thanks for your comments and well-balanced assessment of the political quandary we often find ourselves... 

    • And listen to this. The R's in Montgomery County, OH, are doing not one thing in support of Trump. Nothing. I emailed Jeremiah Johnson, Trump's guy in Miami County, and told him, haven't seen any change yet. Emailed Jordan, told him. Montgomery County, OH is in trouble. it is demo here, Except maybe WPAFB.

    • Dear Col. Nelson,  As a Christian, I can understand your position and I agree with you.  However we need to keep in mind, that we are all sinners and the only perfect person who ever walked this earth was our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.  In knowing this, there may be those we strongly disagree with and it then it becomes a choice of who is closest to our own beliefs when decisions must be made.  We must also take into account the consequences of our failure to choose.  Many policies may be open to debate--pros and cons and some may be very difficult to decide.  Many of those people who oppose Donald Trump dislike his "tweets" or the way he speaks.  I see Donald Trump as a brash tough New Yorker and a tough business man who has dealt with equally tough men in the construction trades and his speech reflects that.  But is that so much different than the enlisted men in the military?  I don't know--I was never in the military. But I judge a man on his honesty and even honest men make mistakes--as we all do.   Unfortunately, there are those in the RNC who will fight the President--so it is up to the people who vote to let them know what they think.  Call them, write letters or vote them out of office and replace them with a candidate who more closely follows our beliefs.

    • some of the RNC doesn't stand with Trump we all know that hopefully but there are other RNC who will stand with Trump he is not the superhero but what we need is for God to show up point and simple.

    • we are living in a delusional state of mind ever since Obama became the president you know that don't you?

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