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  • When government is weaponized against it's citizens it's time for a huge change

  • That traitor needs to meet a rope 

    • You've got that right. 

  • John Brennan as far as I'm concerned is a criminal and should be tried and go to prison!  He deliberately tried to bring down a duly elected President.  He knew the dossier was a total lie, yet it was used by the FBI with the Fisa Courts to spy on American citizens and the President.  These are crimes-felonies!  This is why now, the Democrats are doing anything now they can do to rig this election so Donald Trump will lose.  They know that if Donald Trump wins reelection, John Brennan, Clapper, Clinton and the rest  even up to Obama may face indictments and prison.  But if Donald Trump loses, this will all disappear and fade away and they will be in the clear. 

    • I agree but prison is too good for him... he needs lead or a rope 

  •  The CIA is not supposed to run intelligence operations in the USA... unless it is directly linked to a foreign source and only with close coordination with the FBI.  In addition, Trump can get around the bias and collusion in the Federal Civil Courts by declaring martial law... to go after bad judges and other government agents looking to threaten his office as President and with it the security of the United States... one of the purposes of Marital law is too go after serious internal corruption that makes the proper functioning of the DOJ and Judicial System impossible...  

    There exist a clear and present danger in many of our Courts, local, state, and federal government... many of the officers and departments of government have been seriously compromised by ats of insurrection and treason, as they have announced their intent to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM our government... code... for conducting a revolution from within.  There is no provision in the US Constitution for any officer or Branch of Government to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM our government ... not without Constitutional due process... AMENDING THE US CONSTITUTION.

  • Unless Trump controls the judiciary that's beholden to the deep state currently, there will be no indictments. There is no point in indicting these criminals if the judges are in cahoots with the criminals. We will have to wait until there are only judges on the bench who are totally loyal to Trump who is Law and Order.

    • Our Constitution specifies that the three branches are co-equal, therefore Trump in the executive cannot control the judiciary, or vice versa. It's time for the people to take back their government via a Convention of States that bypasses the Congress and can amend the Constitution to include term limits on judges and members of both houses of Congress. Constitutional literacy is the first step, then activism to get the job done. And we do NOT want judges loyal to any president, but only our Constitution and the people.

    • The judiciary has passed the point where normal administrative and Constitutional action will bring it into line with the founder's original intent.  The Judiciary has usurped both executive and legislative powers thru Judicial FIAT... activist judicial interference with the constitutional powers as originally intended.  The most direct, and likely, the only remedy is to declare Limited Marital Law with the intent to return Constitutional law and order to our governing bodies... the politician, judiciary, officers and bureaucrats operating the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches comprise a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republic.  That danger is so severe that the electoral process no longer provides the citizens of the United States with the RIGHT OF CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED BY THOSE WHO THE CORRUPT PROCESS FAVORS...

      The President needs to seize the moment by using his Executive powers to declare martial law and then to go after the corrupt politicians, officers, and bureaucrats abusing their powers to fundamentally transform America into a socialist state... without the legitimate electoral consent of the People or the Constitutional process to amend the US Constitution... and our form of Republican government.  Rogue elements within our government have destroyed the ability of the People to legitimately give consent to such unconstitutional activity as presently originating in our government... DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, INS, CDC, and nearly every branch, office, and institutions of government have been affected by the massive corruption present in our key Constitutional institutions of government...

      RULE UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW IS NOT CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED... rule by judicial fiat is not consenting to be governed.

    • The original patriot founders of the American revolution had a tyrannical King to deal with, so what are we? ....a bunch of spineless rubes who want someone else to fix our problem? I think not, and there are some working diligently to effect the necessary changes at the constitutional level. Sixteen (16) state legislatures have already signed on to the Convention of States and the required thirty-four is doable, if the people kick their state representatives in the behind to get it going. I have seen martial law up close and personal, and trust me, you do not want a situation where the rest of the Constitution goes out the window as well. Martial law is the exact opposite of self-governance, and I would choose the latter until all other avenues have been exhausted.

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