• More horse pucky from the demtia case- -seems to me we heard that same piece of propaganda from the muslim fraud!


    • Sorry-that should have read "dementia case"

  • Who in their right mind would vote for this biden buffoon? 47 year old swamp rat. If he hasn't done shit what makes you think he can do something now. Are these liberal communists as stupid as they appear? God help us if this old reprobate gets elected.              TRUMP 2020

  • he is a joke.

  • I always check to see if any medical insurance has ANYTHING to do with Obama and his Ilk. I then tell them to shoveit where the sun doesn't shine!!!

  • The only people that made out from Obama/Biden health care fraud are the ones who got it for nothing. The rest of us got hammered with excessive deductables, premiums and copays. DEMS LIE and always will

  • Has this old bastard EVER told the truth? He hasn't done anything in 47 years suckling at the government teet. It makes me nauseous just seeing the S.O.B.

    • Me too. Keep hoping he catches this Virus and suffers a terible death.

    • I'd rather see him humiliated next Tuesday! We need to send these communists back to china/russia/cuba/Venezuela, etc. America needs to remain the greatest nation on the planet. TRUMP 2020 

  • there should be a provision that says , " if you had to pay a tax penalty then it's only right that you get your money back".

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