With former President Obama holding an online town-hall meeting with the nation Wednesday in the wake of riots sparked by the police-related death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh says the ex-president is likely trying to divert attention from "Obamagate," what he says is the Obama-led "silent coup" to oust President Trump.

"I think, if I had to make a wild guess, one of the reasons Obama is coming out now is to deflect what we have learned about what happened in his Oval Office regarding the investigation of Trump," Limbaugh said Wednesday in advance of Obama's late afternoon event on YouTube.

"We now know that Obama's Oval Office led this coup. We know that the people who were implementing the coup – from [James] Clapper, to [James] Comey, to [John] Brennan, to you name it – all were given instructions in the Obama Oval Office in the fateful meeting on January 5, 2017.

"I think the purpose of the Mueller investigation, in fact – as I have stated – was to cover this up. I think the investigation was twofold. It was, 'You know, try to find a crime or we can invent a crime that Trump's guilty of; get rid of him.'

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  • With enough "insistance" from enough American citizens, there should be and can be indictments, charges and punishments.  Basically, what I am telling everyone here is "GET ON THE HORN", or the keyboard, or write letters to ALL your Congress critters, even to the President, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  Don't be bashful, just do it; encourage your friends, families, neighbors and associates to do it; IT IS OUR DUTY to speak out and "their duty" to do what we insist on.  Tell all of them "Never mind play-acting, DO THE JOBS we elected you to do".  And if WE do not do this, then the end result will be OUR OWN FAULT! When I say "our duty to speak out", I am not talking just about elections. By the way, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE, both in the primaries and the geneeral and do your "research" ahead of time, so you are prepared.

  • Ron is correct,  Graham said Congress can't prosecute to deflect a Fox reporter.  BS. Congress can do a criminal referral to DOJ

    • Criminal referrals... the career road blocking bureaucrats in the DOJ have a special file for Congressional criminal referrals... its called file 13... Lot's of luck getting the DOJ to prosecute.
      Congress has no Constitutional authority to conduct criminal investigations...

      There will be legal challenges to quash any evidence obtained in a Congressional investigation... Evidence obtained outside of the Judicial system may be subject to 'due process' challenges by defendants seeking to have the evidence declared inadmissible.. the fruit of the poisoned tree (improperly obtained, compromised chain of custody, and or, improperly stored and secured).

      In addition, all facts asserted in referral will have to be independently verified by the DOJ... basically, another investigation conducted by law enforcement will be required to ensure the evidence is factual and meets the standards for due process and legal evidence.  It's a joke... referral for prosecution should occur immediately when 'probable cause' to believe a crime has been committed... to save time, preserve evidence and ensure swift justice.  Congress normally STOPS all investigations when they discover a crime until the DOJ either informs them they have no interests or prosecutes tdhe crime.

      Guess what... all those lawyers calling themselves Senators know this but still play their role, in the theatrical production of 'fool the People'...coming to a town hall near you any day now.

  • Think again, yesterday's opening curtain on the latest production of 'fool the People' began with the ill-fated questioning of Rod Rosenstein...  this poorly conceived Wasington production began by treating the People to a litany of softball questions sung by a chorus of Republicans and a tap dance to the lyrics of  'I don't know', ' I can't recall' and 'It wasn't my job'... With Senator, life-time RINO, Lindsay Graham, directing, and Rosenstein performing.  This carefully choreographed production of the Washington two-step not only lacked originality, it failed to even make the B list for Washington sequels. 

    America doesn't need more investigations... all the questions Sen. Graham wants answered are already in the public record... What America is witnessing is ACT 3 in the latest sequel to the production of 'Fool the People'.  This is just more bad political theater, directed by RINO Graham, designed to obfuscate, confuse, delay, and ultimately, avoid fixing real accountability.  What America needs is a President who will enforce the law, no matter how many FBI Directors and Agents, AG's, US Attorneys, or Career Lawyers in the DOJ  he needs to fire.

    What America demands is for the President to take charge of his administration... to direct its full attention on draining the swamp,  before the swamp swallows him and the Republic. One doesn't negotiate with Domestic Terrorist or Communist... One locks them up and throws away the key.  History is replete with failed attempts at bipartisanship.  Marxist don't negotiate in good faith, and neither do their progressive dupes. Stop trying to negotiate with the left and their progressive dupes.  History proves it can only end in failure.

  • Where is Barry's  Soetoro Passports

    • In an Indonesian Bank's safe deposit box... However, a better question would be how many Passports does Obama have?


  • I expect it to be exposed but not one of those swamp rats will ever be chaged or serve time. I hope Barr wakes up and proves me wrong. 

    • Rocky, I consistantly fond myself in agreement with your posts...stay safe out there my friend



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