• Obama was/is a sock puppet. He's a willing participant but not the guy running the coup.He won't be telling Biden what to do. From the look on Kamala's face while Biden was trying to talk recently she knows if they can pull it off. She'll be president soon. She referred to a Harris administration during a campaign stop. And #HeelsUpHarris is the ultimate globalist whore. Multimillion dollar houses, etc. She's all in. She just be the front.

    Good news on the Trump fight. They do have the servers. And they will be releasing information to the public probably  because MSM (including Fox) will try to suppress and distort the truth.

  • Any SEAL team likely has BUDDIES in the Secret Service, who would welcome their old friends with open arms.  They NEVER DID like any of those arrogant, snotty OBOZO people.


    • 'Posse Comitatus' keeps the Seals from operating within the borders of the United States... they are not about to assault the White House.

  • No, it would be Miss Harris. BTW, little barry was never President anyway, being a foreign national.

  • Oh really!? which Seal team would that be? ...the one sold out by you (Obama and especially Biden) rat Bastards!? Seal Team 6? 

    I think if any Seal team was called in they would be there to protect and serve.

  • GITMO needs its' most deserving inhabitant. or the gangplank that 0 pretended Bin Laden took a trip on into the deep, Deep calls out to deep............

    • It is apparent that someone's moving something somewhere ?

    • CHECK OUT 20:20 minutes. The guy is singing beautiful music to my ears.

      27:45 minutes is also a fascinating prediction.

    • Wow; fascinating! Thanks muchly,


  • I'd rather see that criminal Obama hauled away and charged with treason. 

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