• I think WE the People were doing well until obama came along and started Race Divison BIG TIME!!! Now look at our Country a flat out MESS of HATE AND MISSERY with the left leading the way!!!

  • Why not? China's bragging that it has the First Intercontinental Hypersonic Nuclear Missile, and Biden's bragging about the United States First Four Star Transgender General! Who could expect anything else?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Well, well, well.... Apparently the destruction of Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and Kenosa, burning police stations, destroying police cars, throwing bricks and frozen water bottles at police is not insurrection but a "Summer of Love".  But when Patroits go into their house, because we citizens own the Capital building, not the politicans, they are called insurrectionists.  They are put in jails without trial, without free lawyers, without common sense decision making, and are forced to languish there until a trial, usually six to nine months in the future takes place.  After all, wasn't it a black Capital police officer that shot and killed an unarmed, military retiree female and kill her????  No charges for him or the rest of the politicans who have fed the fake media lies about Patroits.  Obama is without question, the worst president outside of Bitme this country has ever had. 

  • Obama is a commie nothing  and need to shut his durty mouth  . GET LOST YOU JURK .

  • Listen hear, you low class low life crook.   You are the biggest American hater that has ever been.  You and that wife of yours took everything and then some from the American people.  You abused the office more thanany other President  with the exception of that idiot we have now.  You need to go someplace and shut the f up.  If I ever hated anyone you would be second on my list.  

  • WOW! What a hypocrite!

  • Charles Manson in "Black Face." 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • He must think he has won.  He has not. 

  • Obama is the biggest threat to democracy and America. ISIS certainly misses this fool. 

    • With the half wit in office they don't miss the POS too much!

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