• Most people know the difference between chocolate pudding and B.S without having to "Taste It!" At least Non Progressive Socialist Democrats do!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Still FULL OF BULLSHIT and lies.,


  • I've got your "insurectionist" right here you jugeared, drone voiced, racist, anti-American fraud POS. GO YOUNGKIN!

  • The Old Saying goes, "The proof is in the pudding." Meaning, in spite of what the Progressive Socialist MEDIA/Politicians may lead you to believe as the "Truth", the actual " Truth" will be in the "Results of the Votes" come the Primaries and Elections, the most closely watched in Our Living Lifetimes.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • His eyes are the most evil eyes I have ever seen. How can we Return to Sender?  I.e. Kenya.

  • Obama would best serve America shutting his big mouth !  Two face SOB that he is .

  • The Bible says an Anti Crist is someone against Jesus. Anti Christ = Against Jesus. Atheous amd Muslims are against Jesus. There is no other God but Allah. Anti Crist is a Lier and Deciver. Not a Hollywood demond or devel.

    He will be the most powerful man in the world for seven years. The eighth year is called Lame Duck. Congress won't pass bills. obama was born in Kinya. His grandma and Brothers say so. He said he was born in Kinya in is first book.  The White House birth certific is a froad. See YouTube. He was raized in muslim schools in Indonisa. Rev. Wright says he is not a Christian.  

  • Fraudbama IS a F -R-A-U-D; he was before he was fraudulently elected and he still is; I firmly believe he is NOT even a "legal US resident" and no one can convince me that he is.

  • Obamas character is pure racist when it helps his cause. Labels is how the democrat has been obama uses words   that are racist and manipulating.

  • If we were all being honest with ourselves, looking back in the 80's and remembering something familiar to asking Junior to fetch some groceries and fill in the "Amount" on a Check you signed, and when the "Cancelled Check" returned for your Records, Junior had spelled Thirty Four Dollars, "Thurdy For Dollors", Education had taken a Turn South at that time! This was a personal experience of sending a Boss's Son, a Senior in High School, to pick up parts for the Shop! Neither the Boss or his wife thought there was a problem. This ignorance was present in every State at that time. The " Cancer" of Organized Education had advanced that far less than two decades. The advancement of the 1908 Progressivism Concept of a Common Bond/Goal/Union between Politics, Education, Wealth and Bloodlines had taken a "Deep Root."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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