Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "OBAMAGATE!… "

The Washington Post on Thursday opened an online interview with Valerie Jarrett about race with a montage of peaceful protests and an appraisal of them in the wake of George Floyd’s death from her former boss, Barack Obama.

“When sometimes I feel despair I just see what’s happening with young people all across the country and the talent, and the voice, the sophistication that they are displaying and it makes me feel optimistic,” Obama said. “It makes me feel … this country is going to get better.”

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty called the protests sparked after Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of Minneapolis police, “peaceful” and made no mention of the widespread violence at many of them.

That violence has taken place in major American cities over the past two weeks where stores were looted and burned, monuments and historic buildings vandalized, and police were driven out of their precincts, some of which were set ablaze or taken over by protesters.

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  • Put Obama and all demorats into jail or better yet, execute them for treason. No need for a lengthy investigation or trial. We all know they are guilty of treason. They fight America in open daylight with impunity. No more!!! 

  • A race war is not the problem. The problem is anarchists trying to destroy the country!

    • that's the fact


    • Absolutely! 
      And they're guilty of crimes, and should be brought to justice- swiftly, to quell these unnecessary uprisings!

    • when is that going to happened?


  • My one genie wish is to never have to see or hear this loser again! Yahoo!!

    • Yes! Good riddance to bad company!

  • How many times did he give America his middle finger? Oh, still counting.

    • This POS gave us americans the middle finger!  I hope (soetoro) dies a horific death! 

    • Just a real pig, rolling around in the mud!

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