Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "OBAMAGATE!… "

The Washington Post on Thursday opened an online interview with Valerie Jarrett about race with a montage of peaceful protests and an appraisal of them in the wake of George Floyd’s death from her former boss, Barack Obama.

“When sometimes I feel despair I just see what’s happening with young people all across the country and the talent, and the voice, the sophistication that they are displaying and it makes me feel optimistic,” Obama said. “It makes me feel … this country is going to get better.”

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty called the protests sparked after Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of Minneapolis police, “peaceful” and made no mention of the widespread violence at many of them.

That violence has taken place in major American cities over the past two weeks where stores were looted and burned, monuments and historic buildings vandalized, and police were driven out of their precincts, some of which were set ablaze or taken over by protesters.

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  • Obama mistakenly labeled the looting and arson of domestic terror... " the talent, and the voice, the sophistication..."  of young people all across this country.  Never mind that their actions are more akin to those of Domestic Terrorist.  As usual, with twisted metaphor and the silver tongue of a well-conditioned Marxist orator ex-President Obama has described lawless domestic terror as making him "feel optimistic".  Optimistic about what?  The fundamental transformation of our Constitutional Republic into a welfare, socialist basket case?

    • Obama knows exactly what he is doing and doesn't play it as if Obama is innocent.

  • Could have been your brother. 

    Your Fundamental Change has cities burning, looting, and people dying, you pompous fraud.

  • I wonder if obummer and Larry sinclair are still getting it on?

  • Of course the fraud wants to see "this nation torn apart"; that's exactly what he's been working for, all these years.

  • when is he going to jail?

    • You don't go to jail for high treason, sedition and crimes against the U.S. Constitution and against humanity. If he does go to jail, it will show the world how bawless America is, and anyone can come along and do the same thing this most worthless, useless piece of dog excrement did, without repercussions. I am just curious as to how these senate trials playout, and what tactics the bawless republicans have up their sleeves to down play and soften the crimes all the leftist marxist did to turn America into a 3rd world ghetto slum, and enslave Americans with slave labor taxation. Why won't anyone tell Americans where Trump's people found the nations gold, in which countries, and why it was moved out of America. How about the fed printing endless streams of money to fill the leftist's war chests, the money laundering, the trillions of dollars the left laundered and stuck in clinton's foundation war chest. The left has raped America of it's wealth, when things start getting hot for them they create events, like virus', race riots, anything to take attention off their crimes. What will they do next? Nuke us with a dirty bomb? Another virus? November is a far away when it comes to creating disaster after disaster. 

  • Makes sense that piece of garbage fans the flame!

    He's never been there to calm things down!😡

  • America burning is what makes Obama feel great...lights his fire, so to speak. How typical of him.

  • So now the desire is to start renaming military bases‼️ ??

    Hooray for Mr BRUCE LEVELL, National Diversity Coalition For Trump, himself a black man, coming out loud and clear standing for the President on this issue.

    and I strongly disagree with a David Petraeus! Aren't military men supposed to be 💪 strong!?!  My father in law was stationed at Ft Benning shortly after WW II.

    It was never thought of as a sign of our government nor military as a racial facility! Just as the President says, a part of the history of many brave soldiers who served there or were trained there.

    WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE, SO EAGER TO DESTROY ANY SEMBLANCE OF OUR HISTORY, THE GOOD, THE GREAT, AND YES,! SOMETIMES EVEN THE BAD! Let's not focus on the negative, but on the positive, and get back to the important things!


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