• Obama is the son of the antichrist notice he never mention God in his vocabulary.


  • Obama is a bigot and a clown. Words matter I think is what he once said. Gonna be awesome seeing him eat all those words. Discusting racist. Go back to Kenya.

  • Bathhouse Barry strikes again ..... When Trump is re-inaugurated in January, the investigation will continue and we will see that all deep state roads lead to Barack H. Obama.  I wonder how he'll look in jailhouse orange ....

    • don't hold your breath on that one because Obama has the American people in the palm of his hand.

    • Peter please that comment made me start laughing so hard that I lost it.

    • I find it utterly disgusting utterly disgusting when people who refer to President Donald John Trump as “Cadet Bone Spur” and a draft dodger while conveniently forgetting that the Honorable William Jefferson “Bubba” Clinton also known Her Majesty’s Police Service as “The Rhodes Scholar Rapist” was a draft dodger until President James Earl Carter Jr. pardoned all the draft dodgers on January 21 1977 and now that Senator John Sidney McCain III has gone on to his final reward do you suppose that there could possibly be a declassification of all the missing in action and prisoner of war records that have here to for been heavily classified?

  • Obama need to be in jail period.

  • Shut up you fraud and go back to Kenya where you belong!!!

    • As far as I know Barrack Hussien Obama was born in Hawaii the biography where Obama is described as “Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”. This booklet was first published in Brietbart and verified by Snopes. The excuse for the birthplace discrepancy is that the bio was written by some editor at the literary agency, not by Obama himself. Which may very well be true. But where did the editor get this information? I know that Barrack Hussien Obama did not give it to him!! II know Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii. When people write that he is a Constitutional scholar I tend to question that thesis because if he were he would have known that the United States Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Wong Kim Ark, which was decided in 1898. Wong Kim Ark was born in San Francisco to Chinese parents legally residing there. He later returned with his parents to China. Denied re-admittance, Wong Kim Ark argued before the Supreme Court that the Fourteenth Amendment, which states that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” are United States citizens, made him a citizen of the United States at his birth. The Supreme Court agreed, holding that, because his parents were legally residing in the United States when he was born here, he was a citizen at birth under the Fourteenth Amendment. If Barrack Hussein Obama still signed the DACA order he is either a fool or a crook! To be truthful I know for a fact he never read the full text of the Fourteenth Amendment!!

    • Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama changed his name to Barack in 1983.  Do we know where Barry Soetoro was born?  And I have read on the internet that he attended college/university as a foreign student.  He has paid big bucks to hide his records, I have also read.  So I wonder if we will ever know the truth about him.  I researched and knew I could never vote for him.

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