• Chingase maricon!!

    • Eso, y mucho mas!

  • Obama insults everyone by speaking his racist trash. 

    • That's all they ever have is the race card and the gay card.


  • Muslim Stooge!

  • YOUR administration built the cages, not Trump's! The Gender Confused are NOT a big chunk of the population, they are 2% of the population, and Hispanics are NOT stupid ! In fact, I would rather have 20 Hispanic friends and neighbors, than ONE White Liberal!

  • Obama just confess President Trump did very good with Hispanic and Black voters he just told us that they stole the election.

    • Please President Trump does very well with everyone !

    • Obama is a joke


    • I am in Facebook jail again mocking former President Barack Hussein Obama II can someone explain how a community organizer and politician can immase a personal of $70,000,000? It is not as though he is President Donald John Trump who was already a billionaire when he came into office. I just have a problem with politicians who come into office and become billionaires. Get your nasty minds out of the sewers at no time did I mention former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden!

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