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  • IIF AMERICAN PATRIOTS DON'T START MOBILIZING LIKE THE LIB/DEMS DO THEN WE ARE FINISHED. The squeaky wheel gets the attention. Teapartyorg you better get off your asses & start planning something-perhaps a pre-election or pre-coup indictment march just to show them what we are capable of! DO IT!!! As it stands now I just know they will try us out to see if we just "take it".






    • Time, u bet it is.  WE can do it contact Jenny Beth Martin of the tea party patriots or start a protest yourself by notifying others of it.  Contact your local tea party group or maybe we on this site can all mobilize and protest.  It can be done

  • More quid pro quo!!! Trump can't even talk on the phone w/o impeachment rumblings!! "The Double Standard Continues!" YOU PATRIOTS had all better be ready to march (put our jobs aside) on DC when we see Barr give all the coup members a pass or see Trump get outvoted by whatever the Dems come up with!!

  • Why hasn't obama been lynched yet? Can any one give me a sound reason? He is just planning another biological attack along with the w.h.o., u.n., gates and soros.

    • Michael:  Hello.      This is on the tips of the tongues, like on Laura Ingraham program this week.        The biggest conspiracy in history involves all this.    First, ccp [chinese communist party] planned the covid19 bioweapon onto our USA because they want world domination [yeah, the  califate muslimes are after that, too], and no big deal to them, the ccp...the entire world as collateral damage.     

       Second,  our Trump CIA has yet to disclose documented knowledge of the ccp-planned covid19 bioweapon.  Do not be surprised of existence of that documentation and the significance it presents our Country in implementing the ultimate "accountability" onto the ccp. 

      Third,  I feel the leftist, demoncrat party is complicit in knowledge and at least some of the planning of the ccp bioweapon and its enabling the downfall of our Country both as physical death for Americans but also our economic near-term-downfall.  Of the greatest significance: the demoncrats priority is political control and the downfall of our Country to try to cause Donald Trump to fail re-election in Nov 2020...for our Country to fail is MORE important to them [to enable their political wins at the ballot box] rather than for our Country to succeed in overcoming everything for the physical and economic health of our USA and suppressing the aggression of the "chinese communist party" against us.

  • Stinking !!! Treason!!! Beyond my comprehension that these people are free to walk in our country...

  • Americans (the conservatives):   AND, obummer is not a U.S. citizen.    A pass on everything.   What supremacy do you call that ?

    • Obumo was born to a Citizen of the US.    However  his mother gave up her citizenship and Obumo's citizenship when she married this guy from another country.   

    • Sorry, but marrying a man from another country does not voice one's own citizenship. It takes rather more than that

    • He was born in Kenya.

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