• Mr Bongino, the whole story is so convoluted and difficult to explore or follow! I give you credit for following this and sortiit out! 
    I confess, I have a very difficult time understanding and following it all!

    The one thing I do understand, is that President Obama, and I really hate to call him that title, was hateful against our country to put in top positions of so many agencies bad people that want to bring our country down, bad people that want to hurt the patriotic and honest public servants in Washington, and I think he purposely got some of his bad people to follow President Trump right into his administration, knowing that President Trump was not a political person and I believe he was naïve enough to keep people from the former administration around him which was a huge mistake. And summer still there! I hope and pray after the next election when he is reelected, letters from him immediately go out to every person and every agency that was put in place by Ann during the Obama administration and ask for the resignations, all of them, and then replace them with some real patriots! Maybe you could put a good word in his ear for that. There's people out here in the car so called silent majority that support him, that love him, that pray for him and for his safety because I think his life is always in danger, and that want him to do whatever the hard things are necessary to get rid of this blight on our society! Thank you and God bless you!


  • He was not smart enough to start this but he definitely was a player in it, along with Biden Pelosi and other high ranking democraps

  • where are jail time for Obama and all of his administration?

    • Jeff, I think we are past jail time for Obama given that he continues to try and undermine the Republic and push socialism/globalism.  Clearly he is a traitor to this country and is guilty of treason and should be treated accordingly.  As someone who volunteered for service in Iraq and saw what was going on as a result of Bush/Cheney (especially Cheney) policies, I was fed up and voted for Obama for change, even though I am a conservative.  My bad.  He turned out to be the worst President in my lifetime and tore this country apart so he could be part of the elite.  He needs to pay the ultimate price for his deception of the American people and for being a traitor.

    • well, Kenneth although I agree with you my friend 100% at least the Obama administration should be in jail right now once he gets in jail than they will decide what course they should take against him if they should give him life in prison or death penalty.

    • Hey! Kenneth I was being nice to the fact that Obama hate this country he deserve more than jail time.

  • 5 Paragraph Operations Order , to be used in planning operations against The Enemy, The Lying Ass Democrats of America. 

    1.  Situation   

          a.  Enemy (Democrats)

          b.   Friendly (Us 😬)

                Adjacent forces (friends)


    2. Mission

         State your clear, concise, brief mission, one simple statement.


    3.  Execution 

          Concept of the Operation

           Commander's Intent


    4 .  Supply and Service ( Logistics)


    5. Command and Signal

         Command structure and assignments, technology, communication structures and assets: HUMINT, SIGINT, OPSEC, etc. (Human Intelligence, Signal Intelligence, Operations Security)

    9 Principles of War

    1.  Objective

    2.  Offensive 

    3.  Mass

    4.  Economy of Force 

    5.  Manuever 

    6.  Unity of Command

    7.  Surprise 

    8.  Security 

    9.   Simplicity


    "Yes, but you must wager. It is not optional. You are embarked."  Pascal(?)

  • Let's face it obumer nor the clintons will ever pay for their crimes, they have TOO many afraid of them

    • Hey! Janet, you may be right but at least let justice prevail.

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