• Obama is a criminal........a muslim/marxist that was prepared by the globalist agenda, funded by Soros to destroy the US.......his flunky, the dunce......China Joe Biden is now trying to take over based on this rotten legacy of Obama.  The worst 8 yrs in recent history.........these 2 managed to transfer millions of additional jobs overseas, gave money and special opportunities to Iran, Russia, China etc.  Biden MUST BE INVESTIGATED FOR THE MONEY HE , HIS SISTER, SON, BROTHER RECIEVED FROM CHINA.  It's amazing how the RINOS and the media are currently NOT INVESTIGATING THE BIDENS BEING BOUGHT BY a wind just blew the whole issue away.  Obama worked for the muslims and Russia ("tell Vladimir I'll be more flexible after the election")... no follow up on Obama's treachery either......Fast and Furious and Holder's corruption, Beghazi and Clinton's rotten actions.  What a nation of dummies ........still pushing for a mindless, street punk like Biden to try to take over. 

  • Michael, Keith - I wish that were so, but Israel Cohen didn't write "A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century," in 1912 for bucks nor did Saul Alinsky write "Rules for Radicals" in 1971 to get rich, these people were die-hard Marxist (Cohen was a Marxist/Leninist and Alinski a straight-up Stalinist--and as Killery and Bill grew up in this time-frame they, especially her, by virtue of the number of deaths at their feet are true Stalinist--and I won't even mention the Gulag-style FEMA camps). 

    These people were rich to begin with (or they wouldn't have been at a Marxist training camp like Harvard if they weren't), no the killer elite with Hillary are all devoted Marxist/Stalinist and their goal is the same as it has been since uncle Karl published Das Kapital in 1867, world order and they understand that "eliminating your enemy" is the ONLY way to accomplish that goal, and although they hate the US with a genuine passion, America is just a stepping stone and Americans merely a technical detail that M-U-S-T be subdued or crushed (Barry Soetoro didn't purchase how many Billions of 9mm rounds just to spend our tax dollars) Marx told then that the reaction of the counter-revolutionaries, that's us folks, would be an "armed conflict" hence their saber-rattling at every opportunity, they want us to be violent, they NEED us to be violent and they do not think of gaining control, of everything they can get their hands on, in any other way--look at how many millions of Russians Stalin killed in WWII and Gulags and Hillary (Bill is just along for the ride) is exactly the same, remember her "...what does it matter" comment?  Human life is completely secondary to here goals.  Just like WWII Stalingrad.

    The African Barry Soetoro is a completely different story as he is being used in exactly the way Cohen laid out in "A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century," in 1912.  Barry is literally cannon fodder (or a dog and pony show whichever way you look at it).  As a Sociopath, Barry cares nothing for the goals of the Marxist who fund him (and provide him his drugs and human play-things) and is just too stupid (his IQ is somewhere south of an 85IQ) to see anything other than money.  That does not mean he is safe to let run loose, remember the ex-boyfriend who was expunged, remember Barry's half-sister--both were going to talk and both just keeled over dead, no questions asked.  And what about Loretta Fuddy, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health the woman who helped with the fake "certificate of live birth" who died following a "controlled crash" into the water in Hawaii on December 11, 2013, or Breitbart who just fell over dead on his own doorstep as well as the Autopsy tech who was poisoned the day after he said he suspected poison in the Breitbart case.  No, Barry is not safe to allow out of custody at the very least.

    The point here is that:

    A.  NONE of these people are in custody...not even under indictment.

    B.  None of these people or the cases that were initially mounted following their deaths are being pursued.

    C.  And, worst of all (and I hate to say it because I voted for the guy) is that Trump has done nothing to close any of these cases – granted he's been too busy, as intended, covering his ass from an on-going hate campaign from the media to be much good, but had he done what he promised to do, what he was elected to do we would not now be looking at a genuine Marxist President following the upcoming election and a genuine Soviet-style Marxist country for the foreseeable future.

    And the sad point in all of this is that if we allow these people to carry out their plans that will pretty much wrap things up for the good old US of A. We Americans have been dumbed down to the point that we don't even know what parts of the Constitution are being violated by these people.  Look, for example, at the millions of Americans who, currently, are staying at home because they were "ordered" to and who stupidly do so because they were told to do so--despite the fact that governors do not, and never had any such authority as per the First Amendment Right to Free Speach and Freedom of Association.

    We have forgotten who our founding fathers left in charge of this Republic (and it wasn't the Marxist or the current government), because it was, as it always has been, We The People--but to know that you'd need to be able to READ the Constitution and to understand that we the citizens are the ultimate authority in this country our citizens would have to have better than the "3rd Grade education" as claimed by Michio Kaku at Harvard--so, it is that we are left with two sad choices, either fight and maybe die Americans or do nothing and learn to take orders and do what we're told by Hillary et al in a Supreme Soviet for the United SOVIET States of America, USSA.  Ugly but true.

    PS - Those who love this country hate to think of themselves as the 2nd generation of Soviet Peasants but a fight is the only thing to prevent this and I doubt we still have it in us.



    • The rise of the Tea Party was the closest thing to trying to take the country back. The problems were twofold. There was no help from the Republicans in Congress and most of the Tea Party members were senior citizens. I can only say there will probably never be an uprising capable of doing anything to help. The only thing that might work is if President Trump issues a call to arms, declares Martial Law, or uses the Military to take back these cities that are going over to the dark side. 

    • Larry Sinclair told the truth about obama.

  • Without a doubt, that missing foreign aid money is what fraudbama shipped to Iran, on multiple pallet, as he was stepping down from office.

  • RUDY RUDY RUDY!!!! Common sense is the new super power. Very few people in the U.S.A have it. The streets are full of useful idiots. We The People sit and hope for a vote.

  • The leftists can not make money any other way than to launder money from their schemes. There would be no marxist party in America if money wasn't funneled to ALL there election hopefuls. It is theft from the American taxpayer at the highest levels. How can nancy pelosi be worth 23 million dollars on the salary she makes, what about mad maxine waters, chuck schumer, and adumb schitt. Why have these crooks not been investigated, along with obama, obiden, and clintons. Their books don't sell, they wind up in the 10 books for a doillar bin.

    • You didn't get your thank you card?

  • Greed and money is all they think about. 

    • That supports their pedopelia. Pizza Gate.

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