Former Obama administration DOJ official Vanita Gupta

The head of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division during the Obama administration told lawmakers on Tuesday that she believes all American institutions suffer from structural racism. 

Vanita Gupta told the Senate Judiciary Committee that racism is something she sees in all aspects of American life. "I don't think there is an institution in this country that isn't suffering from structural racism given our history," she said.

Gupta's testimony was part of a Senate hearing on police brutality and racism as the legislative body begins discussion of police reform bills that would combat several of the issues that have punctuated the national discourse in recent weeks.

"I think we all have implicit bias and racial bias," said Gupta. A stunned Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) responded, "Wow." 

"You lost me when you wanted to take the acts of a few misguided perhaps malicious individuals and ascribe that to all Americans," he continued.

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    • Evelyn, you are so right. This is America. There is no place for communist demoncrats. We need to eliminate them and the fake media or send them to a patriotic re-education camp. Then Trump can take total control over the country from the federal government all the way to towns (Seattle!!!!), no more dissent, no more fake media. Watch Trump make America greater than it has ever been!

    • As a combat Veteran, I am perplexed at having been sent 10,000 miles away to eliminate communist threat by any means, yet that didn't apply once I came home...What's up with that???

    • Damn, Paul! That is a GREAT point! I'd like to hear that one asked of our elected reps!

    • They would just foam at the mouth and lie - as always. I am so sick of being forced to deal with the same problem - communist monsters making trouble for us.


  • Its obvious to me that the left are racist against the whites....As a whole, we do not make statements condeming our institutions as full of structural racism....I'm sick of these communist!!

    • as long as we have black and white people in the world there will be racist comments we have to face the fact.

  • Gupta makes me think of a gulping guppie! Are all these derelicts named gupta as dumb as this woman? Where do they find these people? I think real Americans are dying out. This is what you will be left with if you don't get out and vote in November...

  • Just look at which "administration" she was in: soetoro's. All these people do is fan the flames of their own hatred. If they woud only leave us normal people the hell alone, things would eventually work out positively. I'm so sick of these liars destroying us.

  • So of course we can fix all "that" with some structural teachings on "white priviledge," which, I wonder what that is in real terms. I have been privileged to work since I was 14, babysitting, then when I could drive, then a real job, in which I was promoted, OMG, I thought I was promoted because I was fast, dependable, and accurate, with a good attitude. Thanks so much, I have been "woke." Fiflty years later, I found out who I really was...(sarc)

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