Former Obama administration DOJ official Vanita Gupta

The head of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division during the Obama administration told lawmakers on Tuesday that she believes all American institutions suffer from structural racism. 

Vanita Gupta told the Senate Judiciary Committee that racism is something she sees in all aspects of American life. "I don't think there is an institution in this country that isn't suffering from structural racism given our history," she said.

Gupta's testimony was part of a Senate hearing on police brutality and racism as the legislative body begins discussion of police reform bills that would combat several of the issues that have punctuated the national discourse in recent weeks.

"I think we all have implicit bias and racial bias," said Gupta. A stunned Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) responded, "Wow." 

"You lost me when you wanted to take the acts of a few misguided perhaps malicious individuals and ascribe that to all Americans," he continued.

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  • I don't even buy into this "structural racism".  All organizations are made up of individuals, and i find most people i know and meet along the way to be anything but racist. It was very racist in America decades ago, but most of that has faded away and still diminishing. Look at BLM org and ask if it's racist. Thry are NOT helping things. 

    • Leon...

      The structural racism in government is designed to marginalize the White Majority..  too create tribalism and racial conflict.  The Left would like nothing better than to have America plunge into a racial civil war... They have been working on that project for decades.  The racial struggle in today's America is a ploy to create social chaos and CRISIS... nothing like another good crisis to bring down our Nation.

  • Very difficult to dismiss noticing that a person is not the same as you in America. America has always prided itself as being a melting pot. This Nation is made up of many ethnisities not like many in Europe and Asia.Let go of your racism let America work it has only been around a short time in com[parison to the rest of the worlds nations. God bless America.

  • she is outrageous Obama and his administration is racist.

  • Nikita Kruschev said Americans were raising up their own grave diggers.

    • Nikita Khrushchev also told my parents that their children's, Children... their grandchildren would be communist. That he would defeat the United States without firing a shot.

    • Col.  Lets not forget Pol Pot and the Red Khmer Rouge communist in Cambodia where over a million Cambodian Nationals, Lawyers, doctors etc were massacered along with the elderly.  The Khmer Rouge went from village to village, gathered all the children and told them that this is Zero year, you have not past, you have no future and your ass belongs to the communist party today and that today is everybodys Birthday..... They were encouraged to kill their parents..Unlike Khrushchev, Pol Pot did it through mass murder........If Khrushchev's tactics fail, we're looking at the tactics of Pol Pot.......

  • The enemy within speaks.

    • isn't that something

  • The enemy with in America are the communist demoncrats who must be wiped out of OUR country!!

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