Former Obama administration DOJ official Vanita Gupta

The head of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division during the Obama administration told lawmakers on Tuesday that she believes all American institutions suffer from structural racism. 

Vanita Gupta told the Senate Judiciary Committee that racism is something she sees in all aspects of American life. "I don't think there is an institution in this country that isn't suffering from structural racism given our history," she said.

Gupta's testimony was part of a Senate hearing on police brutality and racism as the legislative body begins discussion of police reform bills that would combat several of the issues that have punctuated the national discourse in recent weeks.

"I think we all have implicit bias and racial bias," said Gupta. A stunned Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) responded, "Wow." 

"You lost me when you wanted to take the acts of a few misguided perhaps malicious individuals and ascribe that to all Americans," he continued.

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  • Cornyn is right I too am lost as she wants to pin the mantra on all not the few bad ones.  There is NO systemic racism maybe its her.

    • it should be her


  • You can not legislate respect and acceptance, it needs to be earned.  As long as we have rioting and looting, this will not happen.  We all have a right to our own opinion and as long as I don't push it on other people, it is protected by the First Amendment.  If you choose to call me a racists I could care less.

    • I agree

    • Respect must be given not earned...  when individuals meet under friendly conditions it is with respect for one another. We respect each other by treating each other as we want to be treated... with respect.  I remember when gentlemen stood when women entered or left a room, opened doors for the fairer sex, hel[ped the aged with their packages, and generally showed respect for local authority and their elders... not today.

      The Millennials have no respect for anyone but themselves... The me generation has it all BACKWARD... One GIVES RESPECT to receive respect.  Respect is not earned it is given by those with good manners.  A respectful society prides itself on extending common courtesy to everyone.  Respect is not earned.  However, one can lose the respect of others and once it is lost it must be earned before it is returned.  Once more... for the foolish among us... RESPECT IS GIVEN not earned... Respect is not a reward, it is the expected behavior for individuals who act with common courtesy toward others... Respect can be lost... but it should never be CONDITIONED on being earned.

      Want to know why there is so much hate, open anger, and bullying in today's society... it is because most individuals refuse to respect others...

    • Respect for one another is gone there is no respect for authority, for the human life period the reason why is because we are murdering children and killing human life and the ten commandments are not being followed.

  • Sign my petition to fight back.

  • Sen. Coryn and most of the GOP, Congress, and government bureaucrats are either willfully blind or on board with the many Government programs that have 'CREATED' systemic and institutional racial bias against the Caucasian Race...  If there is any racial bias in government today it is focused on denying the Caucasian Race equal access to their civil and constitutional rights. 

    There exists no significant institutional social or economic bias or privilege for the White Race today...  On the contrary, the Caucasian Race is constantly under assault by Institutional racist theory and government bias that seeks to punish the Caucasian Race for the acts of individuals and groups long dead or of no social significance in today's culture.  The KKK, and White Supremacist Groups, such as the 'Skin Heads' and 'Neo-Nazi's", are politically and socially isolated and are of no cultural significance... Yet, the entire White race is blamed for their non-existent ... existence.

    If individuals like Sen Coryn are shocked at the response of this career DOJ official... they are woefully uninformed of the racist policies focused on White America and need to re-examine just who the racists are and what racism has become today... not 50yrs or more ago. It isn't really surprising that individuals such as Sen. Coryn are unaware of the reverse racism that has become institutionalized; what is surprising, is that he continues to be shocked after being informed of the facts. 

    Sen. Coryn is part of the problem... a dupe of the DEEP STATE, which is racist (openly hostile to Caucasians)... Decades of presidential appointments and the hiring practices of the Federal and State Governments have created a system ripe with the seeds of systemic, institutional bias... a system of racial discrimination against Caucasians. These policies, of institutional bias, are the most oppressive within the DOJ and the government offices and agencies which promote and administer the 'Equal Opportunity Employment Act' or enforce the 'Affirmative Action' program.  These two programs are singularly significant as the instruments of institutional racism.  The culture of anti-white racism in government has metastasized and now controls most of the key positions of leadership in government.

    Members of Congress passed the laws which created government-mandated racial bias...  Our members of Congress are either willfully ignorant or on board with the institutional view that White America is racist... The Obama, Clinton, and Johnson administrations have seeded the ranks of the government with employees whose predominant view is that White America is racist... the result has alienated White America and created victims of all non-white ethnicities and races. it has tribalized America and produced a very volatile and hostile social climate.  The DEEP STATE  democrat holdovers are using their power to reshape America and to suppress the historical contributions of the White population to our government.  There are cases in court today, which will establish precedence, that will be difficult to reverse for years. to come if we allow the DOJ to continue with its assertion that the Caucasian Race is somehow innately racist. 

    Sen. Coryn... and his feigned ignorance and shock is part of the problem... he needs to take that shock and turn it into corrective legislation to eliminate the oppressive and racist programs aimed at marginalizing the majority... Caucasian Race.

    • we will see what's the outcome of this.


    • The problem is not our vision... it is... WHEN WILL THERE BE AN OUTCOME to see?

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