• Mr. Blow needs a big blow on his head.  The only thing that normalized rape culture was the left with its insanity of 65 different sexes, same sex marriage, the freaks, the weirdos, the acceptance of pornography, all while trying to destroy this country.  Burn in hell sir!

    • And don't forget their liberal legal system that wants em all released or never convicted.


    • Don't forget that men who identify as women may use women's restrooms and gym lockers... not that it would create any sexual perverse acts... nah... that is just the NEW NORMAL ...


  • There are so many critical issues that need attention, like destruction of innocent people's property, assaulting strangers in the street and murdering an 74 year old gentlemen, but, let's just see what else we can destroy.  Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NYT's so-called columnists are total dickheads and that's being kind to them!!

  • Lot's of free time apparently 

  • anyone remember the duke lacrosse trial ? the media had a field day publicizing the false accusations of rape/sexual assault ? to this day only 1 media member issued an apology

  • Yes; that is what those mindless fools do all day. Next they'll probably pounce on two of my favorites: Tweety and Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner.

    • Yes of course. Tweety is a Karen. Sylvester is discriminated against because he is a black man. Wylie is a Trump supporter and Roadrunner is a white supremacist.

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