• Now for the rest of the story... Democrats ware two maks because they are TWO FACED...

  • If you wear 2 masks & drive with them on, then we know you VOTED for O'Biden!

  • Unbelievable stupidty

  • Cuomo, Clinton, Kennedy's, Johnson, Biden with his "hairy legs".....sick little boys..........

  • Democrats have to feel like victims.  They should jsut grow up. 

  • Put this moron in a cage with a half dozen skunks for a couple days and see how he likes it.  Then blind him!

  • Wonder if these idiots realize how stupid and sick normal Americans think they are, 

  • What did you expect from a guy with the last name blow

  • NO, YOU WILL NOT CANCEL OUR BELOVED CARTOONS!!  Charles Blow is obviously very mentally ill and must be permanently confined to a mental institution with daily shock treatments!!

  • The Cancel Culture of Marxism is out to pull down all of our historic cultural landmarks and institutions... cartoons being just one in a multitude of revisionist interpretations of our past...

    One needs only to review what happens to the statutes, monuments, and historical records of Nations... that fall victims to Marxist occupation to understand what is happening in America's cancel culture movement... 

    America has just begun to see how radical and vicious the left can be... as they tear down our monuments and remove the names of former giants in our culture and government from our schools and our minds.  Such policies as renaming our military posts and ships... of erasing the names of men and women responsible for much of our Nation's past is incorrigible. 

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